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4moms Infant Car Seat that Self-Installs - A Full Review!

4moms Infant Car Seat that Self-Installs - A Full Review!

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canopy_large-2bd76391be6ac043b19894ae05af62ceUPDATE: THE 4MOMS CAR SEAT WILL BE SHIPPING THIS MONTH! PREORDER YOURS TODAY! The 4moms Infant Car Seat was first introduced by the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas back in 2013. We blogged about it back then and now that we know that it'll finally hit the shelves this September (hopefully!), we're writing a full in-depth review on the most revolutionary infant seat from 4moms. What stands out quite obviously about the 4moms Infant Seat is the self-installing feature, which is truly unbelievable to see in action. The base auto-levels and auto-tensions until it's 100% securely installed in your car. The 4moms car seat is continuously monitoring both the base, seat, and - believe it or not - your child while you are traveling. The App ensures that the base is installed at correct level, even when parked on an incline, and verifies that the seat is installed and used correctly. If you input your vehicle's make and model, it even recommends a seat position! Get reminders to adjust harness & headrest based on child’s height, weight and projected growth. The App will alert you when your child is outgrowing the seat and you'll now that it's time to move up to a convertible car seat. Now as for the actual car seat features, the 4moms infant seat boasts every single convenient and safety feature that you'd want in a car seat. That includes a no-rethread harness and headrest that is adjustable from the front. The canopy on the car seat is absolutely hu-mon-gous because it includes a pop-out visor as well. Unique to this seat is the peekaboo window on the infant seat. The 4moms infant seat passes NHTSA's standards for safety standards and side impact protection requirements. The fabric is super breathable and machine-washable. The included infant inserts provides proper fit for even the smallest babies, from 4 lbs up to a wopping 30 lbs or 32". travel_system_large-e82af72e8665b2c84bc1e1140c30322b4moms is working with the top stroller brands to introduce car seat adapters to make their infant seat compatible with the most premium of strollers on the market. The seat will be available in Black, Grey, & Tan and will retail for $499.99. ETA is this September.

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