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Update: VUE Now in Stock! Baby Jogger 2014 - New Products, Colors, & Logo!

Update: VUE Now in Stock! Baby Jogger 2014 - New Products, Colors, & Logo!

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Baby Jogger has some really exciting things to offer this year for the new year. First and foremost - Baby Jogger has a new look! They have rebranded their strollers with a fresh green color and a new logo! First and foremost - a brand new stroller! The Baby Jogger Vue is an umbrella stroller some incredible features. The seat on the Vue reverses, you just punch stroller and the seat will reverse - you don’t have to actually click the seat out to reverse. The Vue seat will fold like the Versa and recline as well. Baby Jogger purchased a company based in Spain, they won 3 separate awards. They have a great engineering staff that will help Baby Jogger in the future. There are some great accessories for the stroller as well, including a soft carrycot , footmuff , infant car seat adapter and carry bag. In addition they are updating the 5 point harness just a bit.

 What's new for the Baby Jogger FIT 2014? T

he Baby Jogger F.I.T 2014 stroller finally has a new color! The FIT Slate/Crimson color replaces the popular Slate/Black color

What's new for the Baby Jogger City Mini & City Mini GT 2014?

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2014 collection has some new colors including Lime, a brighter Crimson, and a brand new City Mini 2014 Teal color! The new colors are for the City Mini GT 2014 as well. The City Mini 2014 Double and the City Mini GT Double 2014 collection comes in Teal, Black, and Red. This new teal color is absolutely gorgeous!

What's new for the Baby Jogger City Elite 2014?

Has the popular Baby Jogger City Elite 2014 brought any changes? It sure has! They've replaced the sand color with a more practical Grey color - I personally love it:) It's different than plain black and more toned-down than the red.

What's new for the Baby Jogger City Versa 2014?

The City Versa will now come in just three colors - black, red, & silver.

What's new for the Baby Jogger City Select 2014?

And now for the Baby Jogger City Select 2014... what's happening. They've kept the same model of the City Select - if it ain't broke, why touch it? But they have some really cool contrasting color combinations (tongue-twister!) coming:)

New Baby Jogger City Select

The black frame has proven to be super popular and they are having four colors with the Black frame available as well. That's black/red, black/teal, black/silver, and all-black. The Teal and Red are EXCLUSIVE Special Editions (available at PishPoshBaby:) The Red color will be a shinier red like on the City Versa, and the Teal color is super super super (did I say that enough times?) cool and really beautiful. I'm totally head over heels about it. In addition, they will be offering the City Select 2014 with a silver frame for the basic four colors - Onyx, Amethyst, Ruby, & Quartz - just with the logo change. Baby Jogger also has new Baby Jogger Deluxe Prams which will fit ALL of the Baby Jogger range of strollers, aside from the City Select when in double mode. Available in Black, Red, Teal, and Grey. There are new connectors and a different carrycot for the double strollers. No more confusion with the bassinets:)  

The new colors for Baby Jogger 2014 are sharper than sharp and we can't wait to get them in, especially the Teal color. The City Mini Versa GT doesn't look like it's coming out, but they will probably offer a Versa GT Wheel kit to convert your Versa into a more durable stroller with better wheels. In addition, they are planning on introducing a Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Belly Bar, but it won't be out until Spring 2014.