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Bugaboo Diesel Denim Collection - Coming Soon!

Bugaboo Diesel Denim Collection - Coming Soon!

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Bugaboo Diesel DenimOMG! The all-new Bugaboo Diesel Denim Collection will be coming this Noveber and we are so super excited about this gorgeous new collection because we will be one of their exclusive retailers carrying it! Bugaboo and Diesel have bundled their creative and rebellious spirit to design a collection that takes the iconic lifestyle brand's DNA as a starting point: Denim. There will be a complete Bugaboo Buffalo Diesel Denim Special Edition stroller and a Bugaboo Donkey Tailored Fabric Set in the Diesel Denim for current Bugaboo Donkey owners.
Bugaboo Donkey Diesel Denim Tailored Fabric Set Bugaboo Donkey Diesel Denim Tailored Fabric Set
Already own a Bugaboo stroller but want to spice it up a bit with the Diesel collection? Bugaboo knows that accessories make the difference, so they've added a matching denim bag with leather details to the collection, featuring functional inside pockets for parents on the go. To complete your stroller wardrobe, there is even a special edition Bugaboo by Diesel Seat Liner, Footmuff, Parasol, and Mosquito Net in camouflage print from back when they released the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Diesel Khaki edition. bgb_diesel225723The detailing on these strollers is unbelievably beautiful. Premium details on the Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel include contrasting, copper-colored zips on the extendable sun canopy, sophisticated black leather-look details on the seat, and a large rivet as the stroller’s central joint cap. Breathing the iconic fashion brand’s DNA, the signature washed denim fabric features a unique finish with paint splatters in various denim hues, and reveals all kinds of details found on a pair of Diesel jeans such as rivets, pockets, and custom logo patches. Check out the full Bugaboo + Diesel Collection on our site! bugaboo_diesel_denim webimage-AB7A810F-7EE8-4B51-989C909A6F45BCC0 webimage-B140DC1D-0231-4098-B1FD3C28BB8D93C1 webimage-97C20684-4B2D-4E0A-BC329311AA7536EF

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