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Bugaboo's new Colors - Ice Blue, Soft Pink, & More!

Bugaboo's new Colors - Ice Blue, Soft Pink, & More!

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Wow! We just found out about Bugaboo's newest colors coming soon! First of all, they will be extending all the canopies on the Donkey and Cameleon3, like the Bugaboo Buffalo has now! That's fabulous because it means more coverage for your little one. Some more great news? The All-Black frame so many of us love will now be available with any color fabric - this is for the Cameleon3, Buffalo, and Donkey! The All-Black frame is more expensive than the Silver frame, so it remains exclusive to those who want to spend the little bit more (once you're taking out a mortgage to buy a stroller, what's another few dollars? jk:) They are re-introducing the Soft Pink and adding Ice Blue for the Buffalo, Cameleon3, and Donkey! There will be a Bugaboo Donkey Petrol Blue fabric, but no Petrol Blue for the Bee just yet. The Bugaboo Buffalo Dark Khaki fabric will be introduced as well. Along with the new 2014 tailored fabrics, there will be coordinating Seat Liners, Footmuff, and Parasols. They are introducing the accessories in Navy as well! (A favorite color of mine:) New Breezy Sun Canopies for all strollers in Arctic Grey, Soft Pink, Ice Blue and Dark Khaki. Some of the colors to be discontinued: Hot Pink, Royal Blue, and Sand for the Cameleon3 and Donkey. No more Buffalo Hot Pink fabric. They are discontinuing the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Sand base and Bugaboo Cameleon3 Brown base, along with the coordinating Brown accessories. And prices will be going up on almost on strollers - just a heads up. Don't forget to orde your buggy so you'll be the first on the block to be pushing the latest Bugaboo fashions:)

What's new for the Bugaboo 2014?

Disappearing Introducing
Cameleon3 Sand Base All Black Base
Brown Base Soft Pink Fabric
Sand Fabric Ice Blue Fabric
Pink Fabric
Royal Blue Fabric
Donkey Sand Base All Black Base
Sand Fabric Ice Blue Fabric
Pink Fabric Soft Pink Fabric
Royal Blue Fabric Petrol Blue Fabric
Buffalo Sand Base All Black Base
Pink Fabric Dark Khaki Fabric
Soft Pink Fabric
Accessories Brown Ice Blue
Soft Pink
Breezy Sun Canopy Glacier Grey Arctic Grey
Ice Blue
Soft Pink
Dark Khaki

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