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Featured Brand: Babyhome

Featured Brand: Babyhome

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Every venture has a story. What's Babyhome's story? Where and how did it start? Out in Barcelona, Spain, in 2005, two dads were looking for solutions for their parenting needs. In particular, they wanted a guardrail for their toddlers' beds that would solve the problem of not being able to sit on the bed with their little ones and to tuck them in, without maneuvering around the guardrail. To take it off and put it back on is just a real bother and waste of time. These dads also wanted a bouncer that was lightweight, convenient, and very adjustable. A bouncer that would solve the problems of the position being adjustable so that it can be used with a newborn and as the infant grows, and of not scratching the floors without having to pick it up to move it.
Babyhome Side Bed Rail Babyhome Side Bed Rail
So what do you do when you do want a bedrail while also not wanting one? That was the germ for the idea which turned into Babyhome's Side Bed Rail. This really innovative and cool guardrail is the perfect solution to the problem. Once the Side is put in place it can either be up or down. With its simple and intuitive mechanism, the Side can be quickly adjusted to be up in the "guard position" or down in the "full bed position". And coming our real soon, the Side will have a built in LED night light!
Babyhome Onfour Bouncer Babyhome Onfour Bouncer
And as for the bouncer, these dads were just as creative. The Onfour has an equally as simple system that allows for 4 positions ranging from reclining to sitting. This allows babies to use the bouncer as they grow and still be able to follow what's going on around them. It's padded and comfy so that Baby will enjoy spending time in it. They also designed it that it's got 2 wheels on the front legs which allow you to roll it from one place to another by lifting it slightly from the back. It's also made from polished aluminum which makes it super light and minimizes physical stress when moving it. The back legs, though, are regular and sturdy so that when all four legs are on the floor it won't slip around. It also has an easy compact fold so that allows it to be stored in minimal space. These two products, both the Side and the Onfour, were what catapulted Babyhome's success. Withing the next year they had but created the Eat High Chair, which conforms to their philosophy of quality and convenience combined with practicality. It's lightweight (once again aluminum comes to the rescue) easy to clean. It's got a convenient removable try that allows Baby to have a meal on their own or joining Family at the dinner table.
Babyhome Dream Mini Cot Babyhome Dream Cot
This was quickly followed up with the Dream mini cot in 2007. This lightweight cot has got some really cool features. The legs are really easy to adjust from stationary to rocker and to wheels. This allows you to move it from one part of the house to another easily and with minimal effort. It also allows you to rock Baby if that helps her fall asleep.
Babyhome Inbag Diaper Bag Babyhome Inbag
In 2008 Babyhome attended their first trade show and started to sell internationally and created their first two accessories, the Inside and the Inbag. Both the footmuff and the diaper bag conform to their philosophy of workmanship and affordability combined with style.
Babyhome Emotion Stroller Babyhome Emotion Stroller
When 2010 came around Babyhome products were available in over 14 countries and they capitalized on their growth by introducing the Emotion stroller. The Emotion was awarded awarded with the prestigious Red Dot design Award in 2010 for having the best product design. And it's really no wonder. Babyhome took contemporary designs and created a super light stroller with features that everyone wants, along with an entire line of coordinating accessories to go along with the Emotion. In 2011 Babyhome hit the market in the USA. They joined the big boys and we Americans embraced them with a welcome that reflects our continued enthusiasm for their products.
Babyhome So-Ro Single Cradle Babyhome So-Ro Cradle
To date, Babyhome has kept up their fantastic pace of growth. Their line is currently sold in over 40 countries worldwide and they participate in 12 international trade shows/fairs. They've introduced the unique So-Ro cradle, an organic line of accessories that includes a mattress and its accessories (in conjunction with Naturalmat).
Babyhome Wave Wooden Rocker Babyhome Wave Wooden Rocker
Coming in May (hopefully) is their new Wave Wooden Rocker. All this time and all these products later, we see that Babyhome really personify their motto of Fresh & Clever Design. It makes me wonder what other innovative and neat products (not to mention really lightweight) they'll come up with. My favorite Babyhome product is the Side bed rail. What is yours?

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