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Updated: 2/27/14 - Featured Manufacturer Review: Jané Strollers

Updated: 2/27/14 - Featured Manufacturer Review: Jané Strollers

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Major Stroller Bash A big welcome to Jané Strollers! This is a 76 year-old story similar to PishPosh's story in how we got started in the baby gear industry. It started back in Barcelona, Spain, 1932. Manuel Jané (pronounced zhinay) Vidal was overjoyed to welcome his son Ramon to the world. And so, using his creative energies, he created for himself a stroller. It was an instant hit with his family, friends and neighbors.

One day while talking, the idea of creating a stroller that folds was born. It was a way to make the stroller so much more convenient when not in use. So it was back to work for Jané. Once he completed his product he took it to a leading department store in his city, Barcelona. The orders started coming through just one week later. And so Jane, as a company was born with Jane adding more products to his line as time went on. Jané infused his company with a passion for safety, to the point where standard regulations are not good enough for the company, to this day. In keeping the spirit of this ethic Jané opened its very own child-safety research and development center in 2003. They have the most advanced technologies in checking products for safety. They will test a product numerous times until they are 100% satisfied with the product's performance. But they don't rely only on that. They submit their products for testing by the global safety organizations. Needless to say, their products generally surpass standard requirements. With all that, Jané has not lost its sense of style nor it's creative flair. The products have standard accessories available for your convenience. Just last month, Jané has debuted their fabulous product line to the States by the ABC show in Las Vegas. Currently the following products are available for purchase in the USA. Jané Rider (full size stroller) Jané Trider Extreme (the rider with jogging wheels) Jané Nanuq (lightweight/umbrella stroller) Jané Linkfix (car seat adapter) Jané Nest (footmuff) Jané Micro Bassinet (infant option for strollers) Jané Sun Shade (coming soon) Take a look and let me know what you have to say about this incredible product line. Sarah Jane at PishPoshBaby.comJane at PishPoshBaby.comJane at PishPoshBaby.comJane at

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