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Glenna Jean Bedding Sale

Glenna Jean Bedding Sale

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If you love the Glenna Jean bedding line as much as I do, now is the time to get the set you've been dreaming about. Their extended Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale ends in just 4 days, on the 20th. All their sets are still available at a 10% discount, and the Madison is still at 20%. For over 35 years, Glenna Jean has been making quality, luxury bedding sets that are hand-patched. The variety of styles are made of a broad collection of different fabrics: velvet, corduroy, woven cottons, embroideries, trimmings from around the globe, and more. Glenna Jean products wash well, which contributes to their longevity. There are sets for boys, sets for girls, and neutral sets. There are a variety of designs to match all tastes: classic, trendy, fun, soft, strong; take your pick. My personal favorites are (I've got a lot of them...):
Fly By - This bedding set makes me think of the Write brothers with the iconic glider planes. Imagine the unknown and what your little explorer will discover some day.
Preston - A classic pattern that is timeless. This set's natural colors lend a warmth and coziness that is the signature of a happy home with a little bundle of joy.
Set Sail - A bedding set that is contemporary and perfect for little boys (and for some girls too!). A fresh pattern that makes you imagine that you can smell the wind and taste the salty air of the sea. The red in the pattern really livens it up and makes it fun while still keeping the soft baby look.
Starlight - What more can you want than a bedding set with a soft feel with the dreamy colors and patterns? The stars in this print will help your imagination roam to find the wishes and hopes for your little prince.
Girls (There are so many to choose from!)
Kirby - The Kirby is one of my favorite sets. It's chic, bright, and fun, all at the same times. The strong colors in the patterns are made even bolder and brighter against the darker background bringing a hearty feeling to the nursery.
Madison - This is a classic set of bedding. The balance of multiple prints (including gingham & polka dots, but not only) with the beautiful pinks makes one feel like they are going back in time to a princess's nursery. As an extra bonus, Glenna Jean is offering 20% off any product in this pattern!
Meadow - This bedding pattern is another favorite of mine. It's got the pinks and whites to make it girly, but there is a bit of green that makes it a bit less sterile (it makes me think of grass and all things that grow). Ironically, it makes me think of Mary in the Secret Garden, though I don't recall her bedding looking like this at all. It's just the mixture of the proper and the great outdoors together.
Millie - The Millie bedding set is contemporary and fun! It doesn't have any of the "prim and proper" feel. It's vibrant and imaginative giving the entire room a warm, happy atmosphere.
Viola - I love the Viola bedding set. It's pretty and girly, but doesn't have any pink in it (for those of you that don't want the traditional pink for girls). I love the different shades of purple combined so elegantly in the different prints, but it maintains the balance visually by incorporating white and green.
Cape Town - Immerse your explorer in the peace and adventure of the rain-forest. The colors are soft and rich to help you set the tone.
Central Park - An all-time classic. This bedding set can never go out of style. The pattern gives off a comfortable and safe feel. It's timeless and as such has a wealth of accessories available appropriate for every generation.
Finley - Another classic and timeless set. The warm baby colors lend brightness and cheer to the nursery while still maintaining a neutral tone.
Tanzania - Do you like animal print? This set of bedding whisks my mind off to the savanna. The robust animal prints, warm earthy browns, and jungle themed accessories make the perfect backdrop for imaginative adventures to take place.
What are your favorite sets? Let us know by commenting below and be entered for a chance to win $25 toward your next purchase at! Winner picked in 2 weeks. Sarah P.S. Check out the new Glenna Jean Sets below! What do you think of them?

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