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Introducing the Bugaboo Andy Warhol Happy Bugs Collection!

Introducing the Bugaboo Andy Warhol Happy Bugs Collection!

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Bugaboo strikes again with another bold print for the daring among us! The ‘Bugaboo Happy Bug Day’ print was made with an extraordinary technique to appear as if it was printed: Andy Warhol drew the drawings and pressed the wet ink onto another paper resulting in uneven lines. After this process, the bugs were hand-colored. The text of the print is most likely written by his mother, since he liked her shaky cursive hand writing. This print is beautiful and related to both parents and children. It is playful and the technique is unique. It is an unexpected print of Andy Warhol fitting for Bugaboo. If you are the owner of a Bugaboo Donkey stroller, you can choose either the Bugaboo Donkey Happy Bugs Tailored Fabric Set or just the Donkey Happy Bugs Sun Canopy. For all Cameleon3 owners, the Cameleon3 Happy Bugs Tailored Set is available. All proud Bugaboo Bee moms can choose the Bee Happy Bugs Canopy and the coordinating Happy Bugs Cocoon. And for all Bugaboo fans, the Bugaboo Happy Bugs Footmuff will be here soon! The Bugaboo Andy Warhol Happy Bugs Collection will be here in November. Don't forget to pre-order your fabrics!

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