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Skip Hop Diaper Bag Comparison Chart

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Comparison Chart

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We all know that Skip Hop has awesome diaper bags. We also know that there are so many to choose from! How do you determine which is the right one for you? By comparing them! Below is a chart that compares the Skip Hop diaper bags in an organized way so that you can see the difference and choose the one that is the best fit for you.
Bento Chelsea Downtown Chic Dash Duo Duo Double Grand Central Jonathan Adler Light & Luxe Studio Versa VIA Tech Messenger
Width 17" 6.5" 12.25" 13" 18" 18" 18" 17" 13"-16.5" 15"
Height 14" 12" 11.5" 13.75" 13.5" 13" 14" 12" 14" 11.5"
Depth 6" 17" 4.25" 4.25" 4.25" 6" 6" 6" 4" 5"
Weight (approx) 3 lbs 1.5 lbs 2 lbs 1.75 lbs 2.5 lbs 1 lbs 1.5 lbs 1.5 lbs 1.75 lbs 2.5 lbs
Shoulder Straps
Stroller Compatible
Messenger Style x x x x x x x x
Strap Removeable Adjustable Adjustable, Slip Resistant, Removeable Removeable, Padded (not in French Stripe) Regular Regular Adjustable Regular Non-skid Removeable, Padded
Material Polyester, Contrast Lining, & Phthalate free Polyester, Faux leather, Gold metal, BPA & Phthalate free Polyester, PVC, Contrast Lining, BPA & Phthalate free Polyester, Poly canvas, Contrast Lining Polyester, PVC, Poly canvas, Contrast Lining Nylon, Polyester, Water resistant, Cotton tote straps, Faux leather trim, BPA & Phthalate free Polyester, Cotton tote straps, Faux leather trim, BPA & Phthalate free Water resistant, Nickle feet, Contrast Lining Polyester, Water resistant, Contrast lining, BPA & Phthalate free Polyester, Contrast lining, Nickle feet
Pockets (Outer/Inner) 15 12 (8/4) 11 (2/9) 10 16 11 8 14 11 18
Cushioned Changing Pad
Features Shuttle clips, Magnet & zipper closures, 8 piece Mealtime Kit Metal feet to keep off the ground; BPA and Phthalate-free Shuttle clips, Hidden magnets for different flap closure, Key & pen holder, 1 pocket for parent items Shuttle clips,Magnetic closures, Bottle/sippy cup pocket, Easy access cell phone & pen pocket Magnetic closures, Top close zipper, Inside zippered personal pocket, 2 mesh pockets to hold drinks, For double strollers only 3 large divided sections, Baby: clear, wipe-clean zip pocket and toy loop, Mommy: zip pocket, phone pocket, and fleece-lined sunglass pocket, 2 insulated side pockets, Zipper closure Zip-top closure, Zip sides closed for a handbag look, Two large insulated front bottle pocket holds 2 bottles, Interior phone and essential pockets, Fits most laptops Zip-top closure, 2 insulated pockets, Snap-down front pocket Zip top closure, Expandable to 20% larger, Two insulated pockets, Front zip phone pocket Magnet and zipper closures, Shuttle clips, Hidden magnets allow the flap to close in different ways, Pocket protected by Agion® antimicrobial lining helps reduce odor-causing bacteria, Bottle pockets hold up to 4 bottles
Colors Black, Blue/Grey, Goldenrod, Olive Black Black, Charcoal, Sequins, Jonathan Adler Blue Chevron Black, Chevron, Duo Luxe French Stripe, Heather Grey, Metro Stripe, Onyx Tile, Red, Wave Dot Black, Charcoal, Onyx Tile, Wave Dot Black, Cinnamon, Chocolate Abacus, Nixon, Syrie Black Dot, Pewter Dot Black, Cream Links, Graphite, Sketch Diamond Black, Lime, Platinum, Red
Price $99.00 $99.00 $64.00 $58.00-$64.00 $80.00 $90.00 $70.00 $90.00 $70.00 $80.00
Bento Chelsea Downtown Chic Dash Duo Duo Double Grand Central Jonathan Adler Light & Luxe Studio Versa VIA Tech Messenger
Skip Hop diaper bags are quality, fashion, and practicality all-in-one! Tell us which is your favorite Skip Hop diaper bag. SarahEmbed this image on your site:

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