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The Paul Frank Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller

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titlebugaboo3.jpgBugaboo is proud to announce its exciting collaboration with Paul Frank to create a special collection for the Bugaboo Cameleon. This Special collection complements the Bugaboo Cameleon concept by re-enforcing self expression through color. Parents can choose one of the two complete Paul Frank tailored fabric sets for their Bugaboo Camelon or play it cool with just an accessory or two. The Bugaboo + Paul Frank special collection color blocks pattern feautres several of Paul Franks signature characters in a colorful geometric block pattern. The color blocks pattern works witha ll the Bugaboo camelon base colors. (Including Denim). See Below: blanket, foot muff, canvas tailored fabric set.
The other Bugaboo Paul Frank collection is the Skurvy pattern going camo style. Surprising details under the sun canpy, the seat fabric and the apron all bring Skurvy to life and a large single SKurvy adorns the' title='bugaboo paul frank foot muff.

bugaboo paul frank

Bugaboo Julius and Clancy Accessories This collection would no be complete without some of Paul Frank's all-time favorite characters. Check these out!