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Jamie Davis Smith | How to Pick the Best Booster Seat for Your Child

Before you know it, your baby has outgrown their infant seat and has turned into a big kid ready to sit in a booster seat. Read on to learn all about when it’s time to make the transition, and how to make sure your child stays safe in the car. When it’s time to trade in the baby seat for a big kid booster

seat worthy of your toddler’s new status, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Parents sometimes spend hours making sure they choose the right infant car seat. However, those same parents sometimes overlook the same steps when choosing a booster seat for their big kid....


NBC News

Ahiza Garcia-Hodges | Baby gear companies are taking things into their own hands amid shortage of essential items. 

With baby gear, most consumers have a rough “due date” for when they’ll need an item and can plan months ahead. But the unexpected is urgent. Supply chain issues are affecting nearly every industry as the pandemic continues to cause manufacturing slowdowns, port congestion

and delivery delays — and baby gear like strollers and car seats is no exception.  While most consumers have a rough “due date” for when they’ll need items for their newborn and can plan ahead, anything unexpected can happen — making availability of essential products that much more crucial....



Tony Bowles | The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for the Special People in Your Life

Welcome to our holiday gift guide, where you’ll find hundreds of great gifts ideas for everyone on your gift list. Below you’ll find the best of everything in fashion, beauty, technology, food and everything

in-between! So without further ado, here is your Ultimate Gift Guide for Christmas! It covers stocking stuffers, small budget gifts, gifts for the home, and ideas for pretty much everyone else in your...


What to Expect

Blake Bakkila | The Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2021 is over, but the must-have deals are still here! Black Friday 2021 has come and gone, but the deals aren't over yet. This shopping weekend is known for having the absolute best deals for parents and

parents-to-be. Retailers from Amazon to Walmart to Target have tons of baby deals, and many of them are still available. The holiday season can be stressful, and we know that keeping track of all these...



Jaime Marty | 3 New Baby Items We Love

Think holiday shopping or just even the fact that we are out and about with our kids more now; you will want to check out these awesome options we received this week.  I am thrilled to be giving 

some of them as gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  Check them out below: Droolbox Bibs: these are stylish and hypoallergenic bib options for your baby.  They are made from organic cotton and are so...


NBC News

Ahiza Garcia-Hodges | Small Business Owners: We'll Go to China to Make Sure We Have Enough Stock

Supply chain issues have led to shortages of pet food and Christmas trees to toilet paper and baby gearMajor retailers, such as Walmart and Home Depot, have been able to charter private

cargo ships to keep their shelves stocked. In one extreme case, the maker of Beanie Babies chartered more than 150 flights from China to bring the stuffed toys to the U.S. and bypass port congestion. But those are...



Rikki Kaye | Car Seats 101: Tips & Tricks for a Seamless Installation

As busy parents, we spend a lot of time on the road with our little ones – and the most effective way of keeping them safe during travel is to ensure that your child is both in the correct seat and the seat is

correctly installed. Your child’s car seat reduces the risk of potential harm by up to 82% so you’ll want to check that their seat is the safest it can be! The safest vehicle seating position will depend on a...

Breanne Benton

Breanne Benton | Pish Posh Baby

after years of pushing a double stroller it feels sooo good to be back to a single stroller!! I recently got the @uppababy Cruz from the boutique @pishposhbabydotcom. They have an amazing CPST certified team

of baby gear experts ready to help with any questions you may as you navigate picking out the perfect car seat, stroller or even nursery furniture! They also offer a loyalty program where you can earn...



Lester Holt | NBC Nightly News

Slowed down, shut down or gridlocked as China tries to contain Omicron. And that means higher prices in the US. New cars already up 15%, expected to climb even more, clothing expected

to jump 3% to 10%. Furniture by 10%, electronics by 10% or more. In New Jersey, Pish Posh Baby is struggling to get everything from strollers to high chairs. "We're really concerned that..."