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Indoor Play for Toddlers: Activities and Ideas

Indoor Play for Toddlers: Activities and Ideas

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If you’re looking for fun activities to do with your toddler indoors, here are some ideas! Whether it’s raining, snowing or simply frigid outside, these activities will keep your little ones entertained no matter the weather outside. 

Bake Away

If you’re inside with the kids on a Sunday, it’s the perfect time to bake with them, and create memories that will last years and years later. You can bake delicious chocolate chip cookies and have them measure and mix and roll into balls, or you can have them work with the dough and give them cookie cutters to make adorable shapes. The kids can decorate them with chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, cookie crumbs, or (this one’s if you’re really daring) colored frosting. 

Edible Playdough

This activity is so much fun, and so wonderfully incredibly edible! First, the kids get to work with you to make the playdough, measuring and pouring ingredients to create the playdough. Then, they can pull, stretch, and shape the dough into a piece of their imagination. And after they’re done playing with the dough, they can all enjoy their adorable playdough creations!

Library time

Introduce your toddler to the world of storytime! You can either read him some books at home, or you can even bundle him up, put him in his car seat, and take him on a trip to the library! You can let him choose some books to read, and then sit him down and read some old children’s books to him that you loved when you were young. 

Mail time

This one can be so fun, and make so many people happy! Your little ones can send letters to the grandparents, their friends, and even their cousins! This can be a really fun activity - and if you get a letter back in the mail from someone they mailed it to, that would be so exciting for the kids!


Your little one can decorate a big box, and use it as a little indoor clubhouse space. You can cut out one side to use as a door, or even cut a line up and then horizontal to create a door that can open and close. Give your daughter stickers, crayons, markers, or even puff paint or dot paint to decorate the house of her dreams. It’ll keep her busy, and she’ll have so much fun with it! 

Crayon melting

You know those broken crayons that your little one cracked into pieces? Don’t throw them out yet. You can save these bits and pieces, and one day when the kids are complaining about how they're so bored, you’ll have a really fun activity to do with them! 

Take them to an indoor play gym

Is there an indoor play gym in your neighborhood? That’s another really fun activity if you have one nearby. These places are usually full of kids, so your little one might just make a new friend. And they’re also packed with slides, balls, and so many other fun things for the kids to play with!

Make some slime

Have you tried making slime with your kids yet? This one’s a must, and so much fun! We recommend trying a recipe for edible slime, such as this one, because we all know how toddlers are curious. Slime is so much fun for little ones, especially boys and girls that appreciate tactile sensation. They can pull it, squeeze it, shred it, break it into pieces, and just have so much fun with it! When the kids are done playing with it and it’s all been cleaned up, you might want to put it away somewhere that the kids won’t be able to reach, because this is one of those activities that most moms would prefer done under their supervision, since slime is… well… slimy, after all. 

Scavenger hunt

Set up an indoor scavenger hunt. You can even have your older kids create the clues. If your kids are not old enough to write, you can have them draw the clues instead. You can also find treasure hunt ‘templates’ online, that you can put around the house. 

These are some exciting ideas for you to do with the kids on a Sunday indoors. Fill up your Sunday with an exciting activity to make it a really fun day for your family at home, and create memories your family will treasure even years later!

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