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2016 Uppababy Vista VS 2016 Bugaboo Cameleon3

2016 Uppababy Vista VS 2016 Bugaboo Cameleon3

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Cameleon3 Pink and Vista Silver Cameleon3 Pink and Vista Mica Silver
Hi everyone! Thanks for reading today... I am really excited to give you a closer look at two very popular strollers; the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and the UPPAbaby Vista. These are two of the nicest and most versatile strollers on the market. Bugaboo is of course known for iconic style, excellent function and luxurious features. UPPAbaby is a newer brand but is quickly gaining popularity for their easy-to-use strollers!
Extendable Canopies Extendable Canopies
Both of these high-end strollers have been upgraded for 2015. They really are very similar. Both come with luxurious, overnight-approved infant bassinets. Bugaboo and UPPAbaby each make awesome stands for their bassinets to create comfortable and safe travel beds for your infant. Swing-away bumper bars, extendable canopies and rain covers are also included with each stroller. Large rear wheels make both strollers an awesome all terrain choice! However, I definitely recommend the Cameleon3 if you’re constantly dealing with uneven surfaces. The adjustable suspension technology on the smaller front wheels is a life-saver. Compact FoldThe main difference between the Vista and the Cameleon3 is the Vista’s capability to add a second toddler seat, better known as the Rumble Seat. The Cameleon3 can still technically be a double stroller when you add on the brand new Comfort Wheel Board for your older child. Overall the Vista is much larger than the Cameleon3. The Vista weighs less than 28 pounds and the Cameleon3 weighs 21 pounds and the Cameleon3 is a more compact stroller. The Vista does have a higher weight capacity, holding up to 50 pounds in the toddler seat, while the Cameleon3 boasts a 37.5 pound weight capacity. (Just to give you an idea, my 4 year old weighs 37 pounds and has no interest in riding in her stroller.) Rear ViewThe Cameleon3 has a very solid hand brake and the Vista has a flip-flop friendly foot brake. Both strollers have nice large baskets. The Cameleon3 basket features a drawstring closure to keep your belongings safe and private, however the Vista basket is definitely larger and usually easier to access. A wide variety of car seat adapters is available for each stroller - so you can build a customized travel system! The Vista will work with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat directly without the need for any adapters. The fold on both of these strollers is also very different. The Vista folds in one-piece while you will need to remove the seat from the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and fold the base separately.

Either one of these fantastic luxury strollers is sure to be a great investment for your family. Both Bugaboo and Uppababy offer amazing warranties and they truly stand behind their products. If you have any questions about these (or any) products, please leave us a comment or email me at and remember... we're moms, we get it!

Check out my hands-on video reviews on both the Bugaboo and Uppababy:

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