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4Moms 2014 - What will it bring?

4Moms 2014 - What will it bring?

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4Moms is introducing 3 new products for 2013! Hmmmm...we're quite curious what they will be. We are hoping for a 4Moms highchair - leave it up to 4Moms to create the perfect, revolutionary highchair - do you think it'll feed our babies by itself? :) I am thinking that there'll be a 4Moms Car Seat as well (more like wishing:) I know there are so so many options on the market already, but 4Moms has a way of taking over all competition. Perhaps there'll be 4Moms Baby Carrier that will carry half the baby's weight for you. Now THAT would be cool... We'll let you know as soon as we do what realistically to expect! Don't forget to follow our blog to stay in the know! image001 (1)

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