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4moms Mamaroo Rocker Review (The Perfect Gift for Mom & Baby)

4moms Mamaroo Rocker Review (The Perfect Gift for Mom & Baby)

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The 4moms mamaRoo soothes a baby in a way that no other rocker can.Do you jump up and down while holding your baby? Do you vibrate while holding your baby? Of course not! It's wonder that babies don't always love their rockers. But does your baby want to be in your arms? Of course! Well the mamaRoo takes care of that. Its movement are designed to create the natural motion of a parent and the the sensation of being in a car. It also comes along with natural soothing sounds and a port to attach an MP3 player so that you can choose the music your baby listens to (any other Baby Einstein fans out there?). Keep in mind that this does not run on batteries and needs to be plugged into an outlet. And while it is rather heavy and not easy to move around, the benefit of the natural sensations make this worth the inconvenience if you have the room for it.
FeaturesSpecsRocking Motions5 unique motions that mimics a parent's movement 5 motions speeds Reclines to any position 2 fabric types (classic and plush) 6 color options Fabric is easy to remove and wash Detects obstructions Nature audio & MP3 hookup available 3 toy balls Price: $199.99-$239.99Dimensions: 22.3" x 8.6" x 26.5" Weight: 18.5 lbs Weight Capacity: birth to 25 lbs or when child can sit unassisted (whichever comes first) Power: No batteries - just plug it inCar Ride: Figure 8 on its side KangaRoo: Mostly up and down, slightly side to side Tree Swing: High sides, low middle Roack-A-Bye: Low sides, high middle Ocean Wave: Circular

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