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5 Best Modern Toddler Beds 2023

5 Best Modern Toddler Beds 2023

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Remember when baby was just a tiny little newborn? As hard as it is to believe that baby is ready for a bed of his own, at the end of the day time really does fly!

Here are some beautiful modern toddler bed options that will make the transition from crib to toddler bed such an exciting experience, and keep your baby’s room looking beautiful. 

Second Story Home Bodhi Toddler Bed

This one's our number one pick. The Bodhi toddler bed is a classic, sleek choice that will lend that wow factor to your little one’s room. The bed is beautifully upholstered and soft too, with wooden legs that lend that perfect finishing touch. It comes in a selection of beautiful colors, including Lavender Mist, Dusk Blue, Almond, Pebble, and more. Shop the Bodhi toddler bed now!

Second Story Home Gatsbi Toddler Bed

Add a touch of classy fun to your little one’s room with the Second Story Home Gatsbi toddler bed. The gold-hued legs and upholstered soft-touch velvet fabrics combine in a stunning fusion. The Gatsbi toddler bed is available in several colors; grey, noire, seafoam, and dusty rose. The perfect bed to take your little one’s room to the next level. 

Second Story Home Nico Toddler Bed

The Second Story Home Nico toddler bed comes in Earl Grey, Powder Blue, & Lavender Mist. Beautiful tufting detail on the head and footboard and plush velvet upholstery are just some of the design details on this gorgeous toddler bed. Shop now!

Dadada Muse Toddler Bed

The Dadada Muse toddler bed is a simple toddler bed that’s modern yet classic. The Dadada Muse looks great on both carpet and wooden floors, with its easy neutral tones. The pretty minimalist design makes this a great addition to any room!

Micuna Micussori Tipi House

Micuna Micussori Tipi House is a cute, modern little toddler bed turned playhouse that kids love. It's quite a lovely little space to play in. 

Before placing your order for one of these toddler beds, don’t forget to also order a mattress! And you can also get a pretty crib bedding set that matches the toddler bed you end up choosing. Shop now!
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