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5 Things New Moms Can’t Live Without

5 Things New Moms Can’t Live Without

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Guest Post: The Smartest Buyer Becoming a mother for the first time is an experience that can’t be explained in words. The excitement, nervousness, and tension of having a baby and keeping it safe is one every new mother goes through. You don’t have to though, thanks to technology and numerous different baby products that ensure your baby is secure at all times. So you no longer have to be a worried clueless mom the first time you give birth. We have the 5 things you can consider to make your first experience as a mother much smoother.
  1. UPPAbaby Vista + Mesa

    Stroller and Car Seat Combo

Becoming a mother doesn’t excuse you from being active. Okay, fine maybe for a few weeks it does, however that doesn’t mean you stay hunched in your home with your infant. Most mothers get bored of staying at home all day, no matter how caring you are, you need to get out. Rather than leaving your newborn at home with someone, why not take them along with you. This will allow the baby to get some fresh air also. There are numerous car seat and strollers combo in the market today that can make going out easy. The reasons why these combo work great for infants is because all you have to do is securely sit your child in the car seat. When you are moving out of your car you can take the car seat out and fit it in the stroller. This allows your child extra comfort, since car seats are well cushioned, and you don’t have to disturb your child to put them in the stroller as they can remain in the car seat. For mothers that are more active, there are even jogger strollers so you can even consider taking your newborn jogging with you.
  1. 4moms-mamaroo4-plush-1


A bouncer can be quite handy. When you need to get some work done a bouncer gives you a secure seat for your child. Not only that, it also provides them with some entertainment so they don’t get bored and start crying. When selecting a bouncer, you need to make sure you get one with hanging toys and that provides some vibration. Infants love the vibrating feeling, as if someone is rocking them. You also want to make sure that the bouncer doesn’t make a lot of noise or play annoying music which can get on your nerves after some time. So shop wisely.
  1. Nursing pillow

Feeding a baby can really do a number on your back as you hunch over to feed them. A nursing pillow allows you to give the baby that extra lift so you no longer have to hunch over them to feed. These are actually a godsend, ask any mother that didn’t know about them and their feeding experience and they will tell you. When you go to buy a nursing pillow make sure you get one that is well cushioned and soft, as there are quite a few that are of tougher material and not so soft which may cause discomfort for your baby.
  1. babymoov-zero-emission-baby-camera-12

    Baby monitor

As a mother, you want to keep your eyes on your child at all times. When putting them to sleep, you get some time to do your own work so keeping an eye on them becomes hard since you typically need to move out of the room. This is where a baby monitor comes in handy. Baby monitors have made it easy for mothers to monitor their babies from different parts of their home. Thanks to technology, baby monitors have evolved through the years. Initially, you could only monitor sounds from the room but now you can even get video with the more advanced baby monitors. To figures out which monitor is well suited for you you can take a look at the best baby monitor list.

  1. dekor-plus-diaper-pails-19

    Diaper disposer

The last thing you want in your nursery are diapers in the trash. They can leave the room smelling of dirty diapers. Thankfully there are inventions such as the Diaper Genie that allow you to properly dispose of your diaper so that it doesn’t emit any kind of odor. Leaving the nursery smelling fresh and clean. As a mother you have responsibilities that are thrust upon you which you must learn to adapt to on the job. No matter how much you prepare and read about it, you can never be too prepared. However, you can be prepared as far as getting things that will help make it slightly easier to raise a child. The 5 products on our list will make your first experience as a mother much smoother, allowing you to carry on with your work and raising a child all at once.
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