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8 Ways to Create a Safe (and still stylish) Nursery

8 Ways to Create a Safe (and still stylish) Nursery

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Designing a nursery for many excited, new parents starts with colors, crib styles and coordinating linens. Unfortunately, one thing that can often end up as an after-thought (and let’s be honest it isn’t as fun or glamorous) is safety for the nursery. Creating a safe nursery doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on the design style that you have dreamed about. Keep these 8 tips in mind when designing your nursery to ensure you have a safe and stylish space for your baby: 1. Choose non-toxic paint Start by choosing a paint that contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as they are linked to many adverse health effects and birth defects. Even if you use choose non toxic paints, be sure the room is well vented while being painted and if you are expecting you should not be in the room. 2. Avoid hanging anything heavy in the nursery (especially above the crib) Heavy artwork and mirrors can be a danger to your baby if they were to fall. Ensure anything you attach to the wall is lightweight and safely secured. Avoid anything with ribbons, strings or cords. 3. Keep the monitor three feet away Your monitor is meant to allow you to keep an eye on your baby to ensure they are safe and sound but it can be a hazard to baby if placed too close to the crib. All monitors should be placed at least three feet from any side of the crib. 4. Place the crib away from windows Find a spot in the nursery for the crib so it is not near the window to avoid fall dangers as well as dangers from any cords. 5. The only thing that should go in the crib is your baby Crib bumpers, blankets and other soft items (such as stuffed animals or positioners) are a suffocation and entrapment risk and should never be used in a crib with an infant. You only need to purchase a tightly fitted crib sheet that coordinates with your nursery décor. 6. Start child proofing from the get-go Install outlet covers with sliding outlet plates for all unused outlets. Cover all sharp corners with sharp corner guards. Anchor all furniture to the wall to avoid tip-over accidents. Doing these three things now will give you a head start for busier days when your little one is on the move. 7. Safety at the changing table Ensure your diaper changing pad is properly attached to the changing table and that all creams and hand sanitizers are out of baby’s reach. Place your diaper pail within reach so that you can always keep one hand on baby. 8. Working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector Install a smoke alarm over the door to the nursery as well as in every other bedroom of your home. Ensure there is at least one working carbon monoxide detector in the home as well.

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