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22 Dangerous Foreign Objects in Children's Noses & Ears [Infograph]

22 Dangerous Foreign Objects in Children's Noses & Ears [Infograph]

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As their senses develop, small children will explore the world in their own little ways. It isn’t uncommon for toddlers to put even non-edible things in their mouth, for instance. Touching, tasting, smelling, and listening to objects are part and parcel of growing up. However, babies and young kids have been known to take their curiosity to the next level - sometimes to the point of hurting themselves. Many emergency rooms and pediatrician’s clinics treat small children for choking on food or objects, getting burnt on hot surfaces, or inhaling harmful chemical fumes. More often than not, even their nose cavities and ear canals are not safe from potential dangers. Kids can cram tiny things up their noses or ears, or insects and other things can obstruct these cavities by accident. PishPoshBaby prepared an illustrated list of 22 foreign objects that have been found in kids’ ears and noses. This colorful new infographic aims to inform parents in a straightforward manner about the most common things that can endanger their kids anytime and anywhere. From small pebbles to crayons, through to bugs, French fries, and erasers, the list hopes to alert parents of the possible dangers that could find their way into their childrens’ facial orifices.

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