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Aidia Omni Penguin + More - Coming for 2015!

Aidia Omni Penguin + More - Coming for 2015!

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OmniPenguin10-21444261578 We're really looking forward to meeting the incredible team behind Aidia, a Canadian brand that provides child safety gear that does not compromise on anything - quality, fashion, comfort, value, and most of all - reliability. We don't have too many details on what they will be introducing this September, but we did have a sneak peek at the Aidia Omni Penguin Convertible seat (picture on the left). The Omni Penguin is designed for children from 20 lbs - 80 lbs. With an adjustable extra deep headrest, limitless recline positions, and clear instructions on how to install, the Omni Penguin gives you everything you'd want in a convertible. We don't have the exact weight of the seat, but the Omni Penguin is supposed to be super light! We're expecting more great things from the Aidia line - we'll update you as soon as we learn more!

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