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AirBuggy USA- 3 Wheel Strollers that Change Everything

AirBuggy USA- 3 Wheel Strollers that Change Everything

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AirBuggy CocoAirBuggy is a stroller leader in Japan, and we expect it to take the lead here in the USA as well! We are delighted to announce plans of brining the entire AirBuggy stroller line into the USA! So what is so special about AirBuggy? It's interesting to note that AirBuggy began as the Japanese distributor of the Baby Jogger. They then went on their own to design a unique line of strollers that provide a comfortable and smooth ride. AirBuggy MimiCurrently there are three models - the AirBuggy Coco is a lightweight stroller that turns on a dime. The Coco boasts all the features you'd want in an every day stroller, including storage space, huge canopy, near flat recline, and simple compact fold. The AirBuggy Coco Double will be coming out as well! The AirBuggy Mimi is more suitable for jogging and reclines flat! There are two versions with two different brake systems The AirBuggy Run is a real jogger for the serious athletic parents among us! Also a great compact fold and reflective accents along the sides and wheels - extra points for safety! We're going to keep you updated with more info as soon as we know pricing and release dates! AirBuggy Coco Double

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