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All New 4Moms BounceRoo - Full Review!

All New 4Moms BounceRoo - Full Review!

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all-together-750xx7200-4050-0-375Update: The Bounceroo is in stock!
The new 4moms BounceRoo will be here this summer and the new bouncer truly stands out from all the rest. Available in Dark Grey, Multi Plush, and Silver Plush, the bounceRoo's beautiful design is what we've come to expect from 4moms.The bounceRoo offers three unique vibrations, including Bee, Wave, and Heartbeat. There are three intensity settings as well - a feature unique to the bounceRoo. The bounceRoo includes the adorable mobile as well.11391189_10153006367659506_3124636543240264736_n What sets the bounceRoo apart from the other two seats available from 4moms, the RockaRoo and MamaRoo, is that it is battery operated and weighs in at just under 6 lbs, so you can move it from room to room easily. A great benefit of the bounceRoo is that it can be rocked manually, unlike the mamaRoo and rockaRoo which can only be rocked automatically. See the full comparison chart between the three options here! It retails at just $99.99 for the classic Dark Grey, and $119.99 for the Plush fabrics! That is really affordable to everyone.
Zo6giTTnYTBc0j-84AtzytD-iKCVD-TAgoMYz3OJDBA vibe boxIt is the third of eight new products 4moms expects to release in 2015, Amie Ley, brand engagement officer of 4moms, said. In January, the mamaRoo 3.0 rolled out, and the company also released more robust apps. We hope to seethe 4moms infant seat and 4moms origami GO this year!

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