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Award-Winning BabyMoov Zero Emission Monitor, Blender, Bouncer & More

Award-Winning BabyMoov Zero Emission Monitor, Blender, Bouncer & More

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babyphone-digitial-green2_620_448Babymoov is a French company that reinvents the everyday life of parents by providing reliable, highly designed and technologically advanced products driven by parent’s input. BabyMoov stole the spotlight this year at the ABC Show in Vegas where they debuted their brand new BabyMoov BabyCamera with 0 Emission. This patented camera uses Power Line Communication technology to move the emission of the video and audio signals away from the baby’s room and into the area of the house where the internet modem and router are located. It’s the first 0 emission video monitor on the market. It’s now available!A001100-Nutribaby-Zen+aliments-1 Along with their new monitor, they will be bringing their best-selling products like the NutriBaby food processing system that warms baby bottles, and jars, sterilises, steams, defrosts, blends, preserves the nutrients and has the largest capacity on the market. Their award-winning BabyMoov Bubble Bouncer is an ultra compact and comfy bouncer with so many different functions.

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