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Baby-BeeHaven by Heather Prattas

Baby-BeeHaven by Heather Prattas

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ABC Kids Show-BBH Heather and SaraAfter having my first baby, I became quickly frustrated with the stroller situation. The giant and heavy diaper bag made the stroller tip over every time I picked up my crying baby out of it. I decided there had to be a better way. Creating the Baby-BeeHaven See ‘n Store took strolling to a whole new level. Now, my stroller could be easily organized AND I had a trick up my sleeve when my baby wanted out before the days errands were finished. I could pull out my tablet and display it with an engaging learning app for my baby. Stroller rides can’t all be as easy as a walk in the park. Whether you’re running errands or waiting in line, sometimes mom needs to keep baby entertained on the go. Finally there’s a stroller organizer that does it all, featuring multi-media storage as well as room for all your must-haves! BabyBeeHaven_053 retouched BabyBeeHaven_041

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