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Baby Gear Rentals - Now Available at PishPosh Baby!

Baby Gear Rentals - Now Available at PishPosh Baby!

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Introducing the new PishPosh Baby Rental program!

Let’s be honest – baby gear is expensive and choosing the right products the first time can be confusing. There are so many items on the market, making it hard to decide what is right for your family. That’s why we are rolling out a brand new baby gear rental program that allows you to test out some of our top selling products, without the commitment. 

Rent. Use. Return.

To use our rental program, start by going onto our website and ordering one of our top rated products for a weekly or monthly rental. You will receive your product clean and ready to use, shipped directly to your house. Then, use your product during the time frame that you originally booked or add on additional rental time at a discounted rate. Once you are done with your product, let us know through our return portal and we’ll send you a label so that you can ship it back to us.

Once we receive the products back, they will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before the next renter receives them. Please keep this in mind and treat your rentals with care; we understand that life with kids can be messy, so using the rental gear gently will go a long way in maintaining the usability of the products.

Why rent baby gear?

While the concept of renting baby gear may seem odd to some, there are many reasons why families choose to rent instead of buy. Some include wanting to try before you buy, travel purposes, temporary needs, and wanting to save money.

Baby gear can be confusing, especially as a first time parent, the market can seem endless. Choosing the right product for your family may not be so clear. That is why parents may choose to rent a product such as a stroller or playard, and try it out before deciding if they want to buy it. This saves you the money and heartbreak of purchasing the wrong products and gives you the opportunity to try the products out on your own time and in your own space. We often hear from parents that their babies don’t like specific products like the swing or bassinet that they bought. While that may sound silly, some babies are very opinionated. If your baby is unhappy in something that you bought, it can end up sitting and taking up precious space causing you to spend even more money to replace it. If you rent a swing and your baby doesn’t like it, just ship it back to us!

There are many baby gear products on the market intended for travel, but if you are not a frequent traveler, owning these products full time can be a waste of space and money. We have travel strollers, travel cribs, baby carriers and more available for you to use on your next trip, without having to pay full price. Additionally, we ship anywhere within the 48 contiguous US states so no need to drag it along with you. Have it shipped directly to where you are staying and ship it back to us before you leave.

Babies and toddlers require a lot of gear, and that gear takes up a storage space when you are done with it. Products like bassinets and swings that babies only use for a maximum of 6 months can be quite costly and a hassle to store. Renting these items allows you to use them when they are needed and return them when they are not.

What if I love the product I rented?

Fall in love with a product you’re renting? You have the opportunity to keep the products at the current retail price and we subtract the rental fee that you’ve already paid.

Need help deciding what to rent?

Our baby gear experts are always happy to help you decide on the best products for your family and answer any question that you may have whether you are looking to buy or rent. Check out our FAQs to see some commonly asked questions. If you still need some guidance, give us a call 877-747-4767, chat with us on our website, or send us an email

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