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Baby Jogger City Select 2011 New Color & Changes Coming!

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The city select made its debut in 2010. Moms everywhere went nuts trying to get a hold of this much sought after stroller. The city select is so popular and for good reason. Its features are one of a kind! Like none other out there! New for 2011 the city select will be available in amethyst. A dark deep Gorgeous purple color. In additon to the new color for 2011, the city select will have some other improvements too! The seat of the city select will have an additional 1" in depth. PE Board on the seat for more added support. More Padding on the seat for a more comfortable ride. Some enhanced stitching on the seat All other features of the city select will be staying the same! The 2011 purple color will be available to ship March 2011. baby jogger city select 2011
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