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Baby Jogger City Select vs City Versa

Baby Jogger City Select vs City Versa

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Baby Jogger has two reversible-seat strollers, but which one is right for you? Lets compare the City Select vs City Versa. First of all, the City Select is a convertible stroller - that means that it can convert to a double. This is the most significant difference between the City Select and City Versa. The City Select rolls on 8" lightweight front wheels and 12" forever-air rear; the City Select rolls on the classic 8" EVA wheel. Baby Jogger does offer an 8.5" air tire kit for the Versa, if you prefer an easier push. The City Versa boasts Baby Jogger's patented one-hand, quick fold, while you will need both hands for the City Select. Both handlebars are adjustable - the City Select's handlebar telescopes outwards, while the City Versa's swings up and down. And finally, the City Select is just a bit wider, taller, and longer - this is to accommodate a second seat. However - note the City Versa's seat can hold up to 50 lbs, while the City Select's main seat can hold only 45 lbs. The seat on the City Versa is taller as well and the entire stroller weighs less than the City Select. To sum it up, both are great strollers, but the City Select is ideal for a growing family, while the City Versa is the perfect single stroller you'll never have to replace.

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