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Baby Jogger VUE 2014 ! All-New Stroller:)

Baby Jogger VUE 2014 ! All-New Stroller:)

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UDPATE: The Baby Jogger VUE is now in stock! WOW! It's been some time since Baby Jogger introduced a brand new stroller, and this year they've decided to roll out the carpet to the Baby Jogger VUE! The Baby Jogger Vue is an umbrella style stroller with such great features. The Baby Jogger Vue will come in 5 colors - black, red, blue, & brown. babyjoggervue What makes the Vue better than a regular umbrella stroller? Well, simply because the seat reverses! And there's no need to remove the entire seat, you can just push the seat forward and bec there's harnass on the other side, you'll find that the stroller seat has "turned around"! Baby Jogger purchased a company based in Spain that has won 3 separate awards. They have a great engineering staff that'll help Baby Jogger in the future. The Seat will fold like the Versa and it will recline. The stroller folds And - there are some cool accessories that you can purchase - a soft carrycot, infant and toddler Footmuffs ,infant car seat adapter, & carry bag. The Vue is going to be a big hit... I can just see it already:) We'll update you with more details as soon as we get wind of them! See below for NJOY Up Bubble Stroller - the original design of the reversible umbrella stroller.
Njoy Bubble stroller - Now the Baby Jogger Vue

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