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Baby Milestones: What To Expect From 6 to 12 Months

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Wow, what a journey. You and your baby have made it through those amazing, life-affirming and, yup, terrifying first few months! Now it’s time to see their beautiful new personality shine through, along with a host of developmental milestones that will take your child right up to their big first birthday. From weaning and teething to cruising and crawling, here’s what babies can do at 6-12 months.

Month 6: Little Explorer

Your baby is six months old! You’re probably sighing with relief that all the hard work of those newborn days are over. But you may be facing work of a different kind, if you were able to take extended parental leave (the US is the only developed country to offer no paid maternity leave). Here are some tips on preparing to return to work after having a baby.

Meanwhile, here’s what your baby can do at six months:

  • Eat solid foods – make it oh-so-easy with the BEABA Babycook® Neo Homemade Baby Food Maker.
  • Be more emotionally aware.
  • Enjoy playing with others.
  • Be intrigued by mirrors!
  • Prop themselves up, roll over or sit with support.
  • Explore, with hands and mouth. 
  • Babble

Month 7: Social Butterfly

Your baby is building on what they were doing at six months, becoming a master of sitting up, reaching and grabbing for toys or making their first moves towards crawling. And just when you got that sleep routine sorted, your baby may regress, due to separation anxiety, a growth spurt or going to daycare. This is normal – find out more here. Your infant may also be learning to:  

  • Sit without support.
  • Support weight on their legs.
  • Reach out with both hands and transfer objects from hand to hand.
  • Respond to their name.
  • ‘Talk’ when others are talking.
  • String together consonants (‘b-b-m-m’).
  • Enjoy social playtime.
Smiling baby lying on their tummy on a blanket outdoors

Month 8: Busy Bee

Your baby will be into EVERYTHING, keeping you on your toes. They’ll be exploring, eating, learning, moving and demanding – phew! Don’t forget to look after yourself and take time out if you feel overwhelmed. Look out for these developmental milestones, too:

  • Sitting well without support.
  • Pulling up to a standing position.
  • Scooting or even crawling.
  • Learning to pick up small things in a ‘pincer’ grasp.
  • Loving toys that make a noise when you twist, poke or press things – try the Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Center.
  • Physical play – help them to move, explore and build their muscle strength.

Month 9: Chatterbox

There’s nothing cuter than hearing your baby’s little voice say their first word. But if it hasn’t happened yet, don’t worry! Here’s what else your baby can do at nine months: 

  • Sleep for 11 hours at night, plus two naps.
  • Utter sounds resembling real words. 
  • Use gestures to show what they want.
  • Crawl. 
  • Pull up to standing – it’s time to babyproof.
  • Walk holding onto furniture – bring out the activity walker.

Month 10: Clown About Town

Most 10-month-olds have started teething now. Help them out with a cute Oli & Carol rubber fruit- or veg-shaped teether. Your 10-month-old may also:

  • Drop things deliberately (fun for them; not so much for you!).
  • Cruise around the room.
  • Crawl – fast!
  • Understand ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘hello’ and ‘bye-bye’. 
  • Wave. 
  • Shake and nod their head. 
  • Get a bit clingy if you leave the room.
  • Have a favorite toy.

Month 11: Curious George

Babyhood is almost over. Your little one is spending more time upright and, even if they’re not walking and talking yet, they’ll be super-curious about the world around them. Here’s what your baby may be able to do at 11 months:

  • Move and explore while upright. 
  • Still crawl and cruise around furniture.
  • Take independent steps.
  • Stand upright without support.
  • Reach for, grab and throw objects.
  • Place objects in a container – they’ll love the Fat Brain Toys InnyBin.
  • Enjoy music and bounce to it.
baby climbing out of a sand box

Month 12: Bye-bye Baby, Hello Toddler

Happy birthday! It may seem hard to believe, but your baby turns 1 this month. You may be feeling sad the first year is over, but joy at all the firsts still to come. At 12 months, your baby may be able to:

  • Sleep 11 hours at night but drop to one nap.
  • Walk while holding on to something or someone.
  • Stand on their own without holding on to anything. 
  • Walk by themselves.
  • Discover independence: clamber upstairs, have a go on the slide.
  • Stop and touch pretty much everything.
  • Make marks: offer them some chunky crayons.
  • Play toys that twist, spin or turn: try the Fat Brain Toys Whirly Squigz.
  • Point to the toy they want.
  • Nod in response to your questions.
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More Adventures To Come…

You and your baby have accomplished a lot this last year and you have even more adventures awaiting you. For more developmental milestones and advice, visit our blog.
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