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Funny Baby Products: Baby Bangs

Funny Baby Products: Baby Bangs

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Is bald beautiful? How about on a baby? Ever heard of Baby Bangs? I kid you not! If your little girl was not blessed with a mop atop her noggin, you can now buy her a wig! I know that most mamas want their little girls to be pretty. I mean, half the fun of a little princess is dressing her up and putting bows and headbands in her hair. But I, personally, can't imagine putting a wig on a baby, then again, none of my babies were born bald. If you are one of those people that would put a wig on your baby (it can even be just for a special occasion) Baby Bangs has created a solution for your princess. If you are worried about people mistaking her for a boy or simply want to have some fun, Baby Bangs's wigs are perfect for infants and toddlers. The wig stays on with a headband that wraps around their head. There are two things to consider with this idea.
  1. Are little girls that are mistaken for boys susceptible to confusion and an identity crisis?
  2. If we choose to put a wig on our little girls, what are we teaching them? Are we ingraining insecurities and promoting vanity as a fundamental part of their development?
This reminds me of when my nephew and niece were toddlers. Aron was born with the cliche cherubic face. He had gorgeous red curls to frame his beautiful features. Belle (1.5 years younger), on the other hand, was practically bald (she did have a little bit of peach fuzz). She also didn't have particularly feminine features when she was that young. Wherever my sister went people always assumed that Aron was a girl and Belle was a boy! It was a point of contention for her. But, no worries about mistaken identities with them. Her Aron, now ten-years-old, has a typical boy's haircut, and Belle, who is 9, looks just like the rest of the girls her age. But I wonder what she would have done if she had this option when they were toddlers. It also makes me think of my good friend Becky. Her Jenny (now 9 years-old) was born bald. And she stayed bald for a very long time. She couldn't wait for her baby's hair to grow in. Until it did. Jenny has the most impossible hair to deal with. It's extremely curly, frizzy, and un-tamable! She's tried just about everything and these days what works best is to wash it and stick it into a ponytail or braids right away. She probably would have appreciated the baby wig... before Jenny's hair grew in, that is, because now a wig wouldn't stay on her head atop all that bushy hair! What's your take on this? Would you put a wig on your bald baby? What are your feelings about the pros and cons of such a product?

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