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Funny Baby Products: Babykeeper

Funny Baby Products: Babykeeper

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BabykeeperThis one is a keeper, literally. A Babykeeper, that is! It's really got me in a tizzy. This product takes the phrase "hanging around" to a new level. What do you do when you are in a dressing room and really don't want to put your little one on the floor? Or, say you have an emergency bathroom brake and no one is there to hold your baby for you? You know those over-the-door hooks? They sure come in handy after bathing the kids and when I need a place to hang the towels to dry. I've even heard of people using them for coats and pocketbooks. But now, you can get a variation of that for your baby. The concept is really simple. It has the look of a baby carrier, just with these really long straps. At the top of these straps are two enclosed metal hooks that you hook over the door. I could see why someone would want one. Maybe. Babykeeper HooksMy question is what do you do with the item when you're not using it? I already have so many things that come along with me wherever I go (diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, snacks...). I'm not so sure I'd have place to stick another accessory. And I also wonder just how comfortable that is for the baby. I have a couple of friends that use their carriers all the time, but it only keeps the baby happy when it's their mom or dad holding them, not anyone else. I'm not sure how a baby would take to being held by a wall. And speaking of hanging babies on the wall... It makes me think of the old-school-of-thought that children should be seen and not heard. We display photos and a variety of accents on our walls to be displayed. Now we can put our babies there too! I think I'll stick with my stroller for the time being. Have any of you actually seen this being used or have you used it yourself? What are your thoughts about it? Would you use it? What other really funny baby gear products do you know of out there? Sarah

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