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Baby Registry Must-Haves + FREE Printable Checklist!

Baby Registry Must-Haves + FREE Printable Checklist!

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Preparing your baby registry has got to be the hardest thing.

To shop for a baby on-the-way is about entering an enchanted universe made of the sweetest dolls, the softest blankets, and the most ingenious gear and gadgets known to parenthood. But by following your heart, your registry can be as long as the constitution. Hey Mama, are you looking for some clarity?

At PishPosh Baby, we sorted through all the essentials (and even some nice-to-haves) for you and grouped them into neat categories, so you have an easy time getting acquainted with all the wonderful baby gear and products. 

Soon enough you’ll be much more confident in knowing what your baby will need and you’ll even be able to differentiate between the must-haves and the maybe-laters. This guide will give you direction on what to add to your registry.

And if you ever find yourself scratching your head or feeling overwhelmed, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff. Our CPST certified baby experts are here to answer all your questions and help you compare models and brands until you find the perfect fit to suit your lifestyle and preferences. 

Follow our guide to learn about all the baby essentials out there and be inspired by our popular picks as you create your perfect baby registry.

Happy shopping :)

Car seat

A car seat is the first big-investment piece of baby gear you’ll need. Because you can't quite leave the hospital without one!

The Doona, with its innovative design that transforms from a car seat to a stroller with a simple click, is a favorite among many parents for its convenience and ease of use. And as far as traditional infant seats go, the Nuna PIPA RX is very well-liked. It provides unparalleled comfort for your baby and is built with top-tier safety features.

While it may seem like a significant expense upfront, a high-quality car seat can last through multiple children, making it a worthwhile investment in your family's safety, comfort, and convenience.

Speaking of the future, once you're doing your research, now's also a good time to look into car seat options for when your baby graduates the infant seat. Look for one that is safe and comfortable. You’ll also appreciate investing in a car seat that can take you through many stages, like the Maxi Cosi Pria - it can be rear-facing, forward-facing, and in booster seat mode.




For the first few months, many parents opt to room-in with their baby. A bassinet-cradle or  portable crib are perfect for newborns and will be compact enough to fit in your bedroom. You can place the crib very close to your bed and see your baby at all times, which is the safer alternative to co-sleeping. Many moms swear by the dock a tot, which serves as a daytime baby lounger, though not intended for sleeping.

When it comes to a proper crib, you want one that is both quality and safe. Look for one that can adapt to newborn and toddler positions and evolve with changing nursery styles, like the dadada Soho and Lala cribs. Their open designs are both so clean and versatile to complement any nursery theme. 

If you’re an ever-practical-think-ahead gal, then look for a crib that comes with a toddler bed conversion option. You do have that with the Soho crib.

Once you decide on a crib, you’ll want to purchase a safe and firm mattress, as well as fitted sheets. Sheets are fun! You can find ones with such cute baby prints.

Often find yourself on the go? Will you need to bring a crib to daycare? Or, maybe you want a crib that can easily move from room to room in your home. A travel crib is great for all that. 

When looking into your options, make sure you choose one that’s compact, lightweight, and easily foldable. Moms bless the Bugaboo Stardust. It’s super comfortable and pops open in one second, making it a simple travel solution. 

On the topic of cribs, as rustic and charming as it looks in magazines photos, never put pillows, throws, or extra cushioning in the crib with your baby. That poses a tremendous SIDS risk. Instead, snuggle your baby in a swaddle or sleep sack as a safe alternative to a blanket.

Crib clarity? Check! Now, if only you were able to purchase sleep warranties along with them..…



Strollers, and baby carriers 

Strollers are a very lifestyle-based purchase. If you’re more of a city mom type and do lots of errands and street walking, you’ll appreciate a durable stroller with sturdy wheels, smooth steering, and good storage. 

Check out our bestsellers in this department: the Bugaboo Fox 5 and UPPAbaby Vista. The Bugaboo Fox 5 also has a complete stroller + bassinet option to include the newborn phase as well.

If you find yourself frequently in and out of the car, you’ll prefer a lightweight and compact stroller. The Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz strollers are both light as a feather and feature great maneuverability plus comfy reclines for naps-on-the-go.

Many strollers also have a coordinating diaper bag or backpack for take-along essentials, so be sure to look out for those accessory options.

For those babies that prefer mom over stroller, you may want to consider a baby carrier to keep your little one close and your hands free.

Is there an older sib that’s being dethroned and relinquishing their carriage? 

You can wheel two at once with a double stroller, the Valco Baby Duo Trend is our top-selling one.  Or for those who own a Bugaboo stroller, the wheeled board attachment is a very popular solution.



Nursery accessories

The nursery is your baby’s cozy haven - and yours, too! There’s nothing more blissful than setting up a beautiful, tranquil, and functional environment.

Let’s begin with the heart of the room. The crib (refer to the previous section regarding options) and furniture are the cornerstone pieces. While you’ll gravitate to classic and beautiful options, make sure the furniture you select is strong and made to stand the test of time. 

Our customers love the dadada drawer-dressers for their modern, clean look and excellent craftsmanship. Their collections also offer changing trays and storage baskets, which are perfect for baby changings and organizing essentials atop the dresser.

Lucky moms who have a glider to relax on. It’s a literal soul-soothing piece and baby-feeding/rocking pleasure. If you’re tight on space, look out for ones that have sleek and narrow dimensions like the Melo Relax S+ glider.

Go accessorize and make your baby’s room a warm and friendly sanctuary. Throw some pillows haphazardly, drape a beautiful blanket over the glider, and scatter cute dolls in open spaces. And what’s a cozy nursery without a snuggly rug

You’ll also want to consider some helpful accessories:

A mobile can attach to the crib as a playful delight. Some even double as a magical night lamp, like this Tiny Love mobile.

A humidifier ensures that the air circulating in the nursery is comfortable with the right amount of moisture.

Why toss and turn in the master bedroom and keep fighting the urge to check on your baby? See exactly what your little one is up to, from the comfort of your bed, with a baby monitor.



Diapering Care

Jazz up diaper duty, with adorable essentials. Keep all your changing paraphernalia organized in a convenient diaper caddy that can stay put in the nursery or easily be carried to another room. Don’t forget a wipes dispenser for quick and easy access.

Whether you’re in the living room or near a counter, a changing pad provides a stable surface for diaper changes. Cleanup is a breeze with the Leander Matty changer; its strong outer shell is impermeable to any fluid.

Of course diaper changes are inevitable when you’re on-the-go, so it’s a great idea to pack a portable changing pad that can fold into your diaper bag.


Bathtime essentials 

Rub-a-dub-dub, one cute little scrub:) Bath time with a baby is pure bubble-splash fun with our delightful selection of baby bathing essentials! 

First up, you’ll need a good bathtub, preferably one that can be used from the newborn-support phase through the toddler-splash stage. How convenient is the Fridababy Grow-With-Me bathtub? It transitions to 4 stages and has a built-in hook, so you can easily hang it to dry.

For bathtime, you’ll want a baby-safe, tear-resistant shampoo and body wash. And you can also enhance the fun with adorable bath accessories and toys, such as these easy-grip sealife silicone toys and wall-suction building pipes, sure to keep your baby entertained during bath time.

As the water begins to drain, you’ll love to snuggle your fresh smelling bundle in a soft, hooded towel. And finishing off your baby’s spa experience with a moisturizing lotion massage and spritz of perfume is pure bliss.

P.S. When little finger and toe nails are soft, post-bath, it’s a great time to give them a trim. This Fridababy kit gives you all the nail grooming essentials plus a hair brush and comb.



Feeding gear

Whether you plan to breastfeed, bottle feed, or do a combination of both, there are many great products to ensure you’re equipped with the best feeding arsenal.

Mom, this one’s for you: a nursing pillow can relieve your arms and back by providing support + comfort.

When it comes to stocking up on bottles, but a good brand name product with quality design and easy cleaning. You may consider this Comotomo baby bottle gift set. Its nipples are designed to mimic natural breast-feeding and its body is squeezable and soft like skin, making them ideal for babies having trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding.

As those bottles start to pile up in the sink, you’ll need a bottle brush to clean them. Many parents also find a bottle drying rack to be a convenient help.

Feedings tend to get a bit messy, so putting a trusty silicone bib on your baby and being equipped with a couple of burp cloths is always helpful. 

***In general, it’s always a good idea to have a burp cloth on hand, even when you’re not in the midst of a feeding, so that you can quickly swoop in for a cleanup when grandma or auntie is bonding with your baby, and the baby decides it’s time for a surprise shower.

Having your little infant join you for mealtime, seems like a long-off-in-the-future phenomenon. But soon enough they’ll be exploring tastes and textures. Give your baby a seat at the table with a sleek and sturdy high chair. Look out for tray sizes, dimensions, and maneuverability.

Two parent-favored options are the Oribel Cocoon high chair, which glides around effortlessly, and the 4moms Connect high chair, which boasts a recline feature.


Baby accessories

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff.

But first, pacifiers. The most underrated lifesavers in society. It’s not for no reason they’ve garnered tremendous respect from parents world-wide! 

When it comes to selecting a pacifier, every baby has their preference so you may need to experiment with different brands, materials, nipple sizes until you find your match. 

Many babies love the classic Bibs brand, so that’s a great option to try out. Whichever one you choose, get them in advance and bring them to the hospital to start your baby off right away.

Pacifier clips are not only functional for keeping them attached but also double as beautiful “jewelry pieces”. 

You can never have enough blankets and dolls because they are just way too cute. But, safety first: for sleep, this adorable security blanket  provides a cozy feel against the cheek without a suffocation risk.



Babies are little people who like to have fun! Stock up their toy box with toys that are stimulating and exciting.

Some newborn-stage picks:

  • A stroller arch can be fascinating entertainment, prompting your little explorer to engage in conversation with the hanging toys. 
  • A bouncer is great for your baby to play beside you, and it runs on pure fun by rocking gently whenever the baby kicks their legs or waves their arms.
  • Tummy time is fun on a gymini filled with friendly characters and vibrant colors.

As your child matures, classic faves like stacking cups or a  toy piano are bound to make your baby squeal with glee and help to develop motor skills while inspiring curiosity. And teether toys are an interactive way of soothing cranky chompers. 

And now you're ready to rock! But as you immerse yourself in all the details, styles and trends, remember the most important thing is to enjoy every moment of choosing the perfect items for your little one.

 FREE Baby Gear Registry Must-Have Checklist!

We've put together a handy checklist based on items from this post. Feel free to share with an expectant mom! Click the button below for a printable version.

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