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Baby Sleep Hacks for Exhausted Parents

Baby Sleep Hacks for Exhausted Parents

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If you're reading this, chances are you're in desperate need of some sleep. Whoever coined the term “sleep like a baby” probably never had any of their own. That cozy newborn bundle is sleepy all day, and never makes it more than a few hours at night without needing to eat…again. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in the struggle! Here are some tried-and-true sleep hacks to help you and your little one get some much-needed zz’s. 


Opt for a Safe Sleep Surface

Safety first! Choose a safe and supportive sleep surface for your baby. That may be a bassinet, so baby can stay close, or a firm crib mattress with a fitted sheet in baby’s own room. Avoid soft bedding, pillows, stuffed animals, and crib bumpers, as these can pose a suffocation risk and increase the risk of SIDS. Want to try something different? We love the Oala by Numu AirMesh Crib Mattress. Designed to help prevent all factors related to SIDS, it is one of the safest mattress on the market, and is Greenguard Certified with a tiny ecological footprint.


Invest in a Quality Baby Monitor

Right now, you may just be wishing that your baby would go to sleep and let you do the same, But the day will come, maybe even sooner than you think, that you will rock your sweet one to sleep…and they stay sleeping. Then what will you do? You’d be surprised how many parents lie awake at night, worrying and wondering why their baby hasn't made a peep in so many hours (or minutes!) A reliable baby monitor can provide peace of mind and allow you to keep an eye and ear on your little one while they sleep. 

Here’s a side by side comparison of two of the top models on the market: 


Nanit Pro

Owlet Dream Baby Monitor

Video Quality

Offers HD video with crystal-clear clarity.

Provides HD video for a sharp, detailed view.

Breathing Monitoring

Tracks baby's breathing motion using a camera.

Monitors baby's breathing using a wearable sock.

Sleep Tracking

Offers detailed sleep analytics and tips.

Provides insights into baby's sleep patterns.

Mobile App

Features a user-friendly app with remote access.

Includes a convenient app for monitoring on the go.

Two-Way Audio

Allows for two-way communication between parent and baby.

Offers two-way audio for reassuring interactions.

Temperature & Humidity

Monitors room temperature and humidity levels.

Provides information on room climate for comfort.


Typically priced at a mid to high range.

Typically priced at a mid to high range.


Create a Consistent Bedtime Routine

Establishing a calming bedtime routine can work wonders in helping your baby (and you!) wind down for sleep. Consistency is key, so stick to the same routine every night to signal to your baby that it's time to sleep. Try incorporating activities like a warm bath, lullabies, or a cozy bedtime story into your nightly routine. A gentle massage can work wonders in getting your little one (and you!) to relax and sleep more soundly, and is also a great bonding experience. For added luxuriousness, try the Mustela Normal Skin Massage Balm, made with 100% naturally derived ingredients. 


Set the Stage for Sleep

Create a sleep-friendly environment for your baby by making their sleep space comfortable, dark, and quiet. The Crane Drop Top Fill machine is a 4 in 1 humidifier, noise machine, nightlight and aroma diffuser. Using it allows you to drown out household noises and create the perfect sleep environment for your little bundle. Invest in blackout curtains to block out any unwanted light, and ensure that the room temperature is comfortable and conducive to sleep.


Swaddle for Security

Consider using a swaddle to help soothe your baby. Many babies find comfort and security in being swaddled, especially during the early months. Swaddling offers lots of benefits for newborns and infants, providing comfort, security, and better sleep. It mimics the snug environment of the womb, helping to soothe and calm babies by recreating the feeling of being held. It can also promote longer and more restful sleep patterns by creating a cozy and comforting sleep environment. By keeping babies securely wrapped, swaddling can also reduce unnecessary wake-ups caused by their Moro and Startle reflexes, leading to more consolidated periods of sleep for both baby and parents. 


Try Dream Feeding

Dream feeding basically means feeding your baby while they're still asleep, usually around the time you go to bed for the night. Your baby may not have woken up for a feed yet, but you squeeze one in while they are mostly sleeping. This can help top up their tummy and encourage longer stretches of sleep, sidestepping those midnight wake up calls and giving everyone in the house a better chance at a good night’s sleep. Just remember to be gentle and patient during these feeds to keep your little one in the land of dreams. Experiment with timing and techniques until you find the sweet spot that works best for your baby and your sleep routine. 


Parenting is hard work, especially when you're running on fumes from sleepless nights. But with the right sleep hacks and a bit of patience, you and your baby can get the rest you both need and deserve. Remember, every baby is different, so don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies until you find what works best for your family. Here's to more restful nights and brighter mornings ahead!

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