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Which Baby Stroller is Best for Plane Travel?

Which Baby Stroller is Best for Plane Travel?

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Strollers on planes Traveling with a baby poses a unique set of challenges. Aside from a long checklist of must-haves for the little one, getting your baby from the car to the plane and vice versa can require a lot of effort...if you don’t have the right kind of stroller. Let’s take a closer look at two baby strollers: the Mountain Buggy Nano and the Baby Zen YoYo. They are both specifically designed for traveling, so let’s see if one “outweighs” the other with their desirable features. Airline-approved A baby stroller that meets airline luggage restrictions is a must if you are constantly traveling by plane. Having one also spells out convenience for you, as you won’t have to struggle with a bulky stroller (and worse, waste precious time waiting for it to come out of the baggage carousel!). The Mountain Buggy Nano weighs only 13 lbs. and suits the luggage requirements of planes, trains, and automobiles. On the other hand, the Baby Zen YoYo weighs only 12.8 lbs -meeting the airline certified size of a carry-on bag! When folded, both can easily fit in the overhead compartment of a plane. Car seat-compatible As previously mentioned, transferring a stroller from the car to the plane (or any other mode of travel) should be a breeze. Thankfully, the Mountain Buggy Nano is car seat compatible (it has a built in car seat adapter), making it a super choice as a travel system stroller. Lightweight, but can carry a heavy load Both baby strollers are ideal for travel by air even if they are lightweight. The Mountain Buggy Nano can accommodate up to 44 lbs., while the Baby Zen YoYo has a weight capacity of 33 lbs. You can go on a trip with your toddler using any of these strollers, provided they meet their weight capacity (along with other baby accessories). Portable and convenient Sturdily built but super compact, a travel stroller should be easy to handle especially if you have a trip-exhausted toddler to deal with. Even while folded, the Mountain Buggy Nano can still stand on its own, and offers a two-position recline. Meanwhile, the Baby Zen YoYo features a simple one-hand fold and unfold convenience plus multiple recline, so you can still hold your child while getting the stroller ready. It also has an attached strap so you can carry it over your shoulder like a bag! Has complete safety features This is arguably the most important trait of a travel stroller. Safety is a must wherever you travel with your little one. Thankfully, both the Mountain Buggy Nano and the Baby Zen YoYo feature a five-point harness system to ensure that your toddler is safely enveloped in the stroller. The Nano has a rear wheel suspension while the Zen offers a four-wheel suspension. The Nano features lockable front wheels. The Zen boasts of an exclusive soft drive system which eliminates the need to lock the front swivel wheel. Compare the two strollers alongside the new Recaro Easy Life and GB Qbit here!

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