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Baby Teething? Here Are Some Natural Teething Remedies.

Baby Teething? Here Are Some Natural Teething Remedies.

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Having a teething baby is no fun at all… and it’s most painful of all for the little baby. Ouch.

As well-meaning mothers, when baby is teething, we want to do everything we possibly can to ease the pain.

Here are a few natural remedies from professionals and other moms that you can try. We wish you loads of luck soothing your baby!

 boon baby feeder

Boon Teething Feeder

Fill a Boon Teething Feeder with chilled or partially frozen food. Babies really love this - it’s a refreshing, delicious treat for them. Fill it with broccoli, grapes, banana, mango, or any other fruits or veggies your baby will enjoy!



Some teething remedies are kind of classic, and this is one of them. These totally help alleviate teething pain.  Check out the selection of rubber teethers on PishPosh Baby today!


Cold Metal Spoon

This is an age-old teething remedy, recommended by the Mayo Clinic. It’s best if you hold the spoon in place, but if your baby is holding it, just keep a close eye on them for safety. Preferably only let them hold it while you’re holding them. 


Stick a Washcloth In the Freezer

This is another soothing trick. You can keep a few washcloths in a plastic ziplock bag in your freezer, and pull them out as needed. 


baby in bath


Some things can just make a baby feel better. It really depends on the baby, but for some babies, nursing really helps. For other babies, a warm bath can do the trick. Holding your baby or even keeping them close to you in a baby carrier can also help them feel just a bit better. 


Teething Cream

There are gels that can help teething, but not always are they the healthiest. You can actually create a teething cream at home in your kitchen (no need to run to the pharmacy at half past midnight!) with just a few ingredients. Check out this recipe from Modern Alternative Mama.



Try brewing chamomile tea and then freezing it in popsicle holders. You can also do the same thing with formula or your milk. 

Whatever you try, we sure hope it helps your baby feel better fast, and remember - the worst of the teething is usually a sign that your baby is going to be getting a tooth really soon!

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