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Baby's Size Week by Week infographic

Your Baby's Size Week by Week

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Expecting a baby? Congratulations! Your baby’s growth can be charted both by time and by size. An Ultrasound can always tell you how big your baby is getting in your tummy, but PishPoshBaby created a colorful infographic to guide would-be mommies on how big their babies are growing - week by week. Called “Your Baby’s Size Week by Week”, the infographic is divided into the three trimesters of pregnancy. In each trimester, there are cute and humorous illustrations comparing baby’s growth to a fruit or vegetable for each and every week. From a poppyseed to a plum, to a sweet potato and all the way through to a jackfruit, let this infographic guide you to a better understanding and anticipation of this fruitful journey towards motherhood. Baby's Size Week by Week infographic Embed this image on your site:
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