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BabytoLove B-Clip - Simply a Bib!

BabytoLove B-Clip - Simply a Bib!

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prodphotos_8434The Kind+Jugend, the European Baby Gear Show is underway in Germany and we're going to be filling you in on the coolest products debuting there. Among the nominations for the Innovation Awards is the ingenious BabytoLove B-Clip. If you are a normal parent like me, you'll understand how many times do we find ourselves in a restaurant, in the car, or at a friend and realize that we've left our baby's bib at home. And when we do have one and use it, we need to wipe off any dirty food as best as we can, roll it up into a ball and stuff it into the deep recesses of our diaper bags and try to remember to take it out and wash when we get home (confession: I usually forget...). What is the B-Clip? It's an small u-shaped plastic piece with two clips at the end. Attach it to any fabric or paper napkin and *boom* it's a bib! This is the best solution to mealtime on the go. Perfectly designed for mealtime and art & kraft activities, bclip provides a very comfortable protection thanks to its ergonomic shape and its smooth material, for young children from 6 months old. prodphotos_9472Very compact, bclip can be carried in the parents’ bag or even in a pocket. A fabric pouch is provided with bclip. Two clips allow an easy use for transforming instantly any paper or fabric napkin to a bib. Hygienic, parents won’t need to carry dirty bibs in their bag anymore! I'm loving it! Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see it come to the USA!

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