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Babyzen YOYO Connect Double Stroller - Full Review!

Babyzen YOYO Connect Double Stroller - Full Review!

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Introducing the Babyzen Yoyo Connect, the coolest double stroller we’ve ever seen, with a brilliant design! In order to use the YOYO Connect, you need to have a YOYO2 Stroller. The YOYO Connect is the second part of the stroller, that you attach behind the YOYO2.

How The YOYO Connect Works

So, here’s the question we keep on getting: Is this two separate strollers attached together? And the answer is not really. Because you can’t use a second stroller; you need the newest model YOYO Connect and a YOYOfor this double stroller to work. YOYO Connect is designed to be hooked up to the back of YOYO2 with 2 hooks and a strap. 

 This is the YOYO Connect


and this is the YOYO2


And when you put them together, you get yourself a YOYO double stroller! Like this.

5 Setups of the Babyzen YOYO Connect Double Stroller

The Babyzen YOYO Connect double has 5 different configurations, and this is great because you can change things around as your child grows! 

  • 2 bassinets
  • 2 6+ packs
  • bassinet in front, 6+ pack in back
  • 6+ pack in front, bassinet on YOYO Connect (adapters sold separately)
  • 6+ pack on YOYO Connect, car seat on YOYO2 (car seat can't be set up on the YOYO Connect)

YOYO Connect Wheels

YOYO Connect only has two back wheels, and none in front since it shares the YOYO2s back wheels. Eight wheels would make the stroller impossible to maneuver around properly. The YOYO Connect actually has the same folding system as the YOYO stroller, and it looks very similar to it. 
Another really smart aspect to the design of this stroller is that if your older child doesn't need the stroller anymore in the middle of the ride, you can simply fold up the YOYO Connect and hook it up to the YOYO2!
Can the newborn pack be used on the YOYO Connect?
The newborn pack can not be used on it because there's no insert for the canopy wire on the YOYO Connect. 
Can the YOYO be used as a side by side double stroller?
No, because two YOYOs side by side would be too wide to fit through doorways. 
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