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NEW Beaba x Shnuggle Air Complete Sleep System - Review

NEW Beaba x Shnuggle Air Complete Sleep System - Review

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A beautiful new solution for parents - the Beaba Shnuggle Air Bedside Sleeper Bassinet & Crib. Start off with a convenient bedside bassinet, and when ready, convert it to a full size baby crib. Maximize space, style and comfort simultaneously. 

The Beaba Shnuggle Air looks like it’s going to be a really cool bedside bassinet option. Mesh zip down sides make it so easy to keep an eye on your little one and simple reach in to pick him up and hold him when he needs you, even when you’re indescribably tired and the whole city is probably sleeping - except perhaps some other devoted moms who haven’t slept straight through the night in a while. You can adjust the bassinet to the height you need with 7 adjustments.

Aside from making it easy to peek in on baby, the mesh panels and soft padded sides also bring the safety level up a notch, making bumpers totally unnecessary and preventing little arms and legs from ever getting tangled in crib bars. 

The Beaba by Shnuggle Air Bedside Sleeper Bassinet + Crib comes with a crib mattress and a bassinet mattress, both hypoallergenic and 50% more breathable than the standard baby mattress that you’d find. 

This bassinet+crib duo can hold up to 20 pounds. Shop now!

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