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Beautiful & Washable Lorena Canals Rugs now Available!

Beautiful & Washable Lorena Canals Rugs now Available!

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Lorena Canals has completely changed the game when it comes to choosing the perfect rug for your nursery - or really any room in your home. Available in the most beautiful patterns and shapes, you'll definitely find one that suits your taste perfectly. But what makes Lorena Canals rugs truly unique is not the top quality or stylish designs - it's the fact that all of their rugs are 100% Machine Washable! This means that you can literally just roll the rug right up when it's time to give it a good clean and throw it into the wash! All Lorena Canals Rugs are handmade in India with the upmost care and attention to detail - watch the video below to see it happen. wahsingmachineGet started today on finding the rug of your dreams! Taking care of every detail from Lorena Canals on Vimeo.

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