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Best Infant Car Seats 2023 - Full Comparison!

Best Infant Car Seats 2023 - Full Comparison!

Posted in Cybex Cloud G, Infant Car Seat, MESA Max, Nuna PIPA RX, PIPA URBN

Lugging around a car seat that weighs more than baby inside is not one of the favorite pastimes of anyone I know, and there’s really no reason to carry a car seat that’s heavier than it has to be.

Some of our most lightweight car seats are the popular Pipa car seats - they pretty much beat all other car seats when it comes to being lightweight. But there are other popular car seats you might want to look at, too. You can check out this handy comparison, and choose a car seat that works for your needs. 


The Nuna PIPA RX is one great lightweight option. It weighs just 7.5 pounds, and you can use it without the base. The Pipa RX car seat is modern and contemporary, and comes with a few different color options. It’s not as lite as the PIPA lite car seats, but the benefit of the PIPA RX is that you don’t need to use the base - the car seat can be used safely without it. That’s why its great for frequent travelers or if you’ll be hailing cabs often. 

Cybex Cloud G 

The Cybex Cloud G is a dependable car seat that you can’t go wrong with. Customizable with an extending legrest and a 12-position adjustable headrest, in-shell air ventilation, and an affordable price of just $399.95, the Cybex Cloud G is an easy choice.



The MESA Max weighs just under 10 pounds. With its additional canopy panel, the MESA Max offers nearly double as much coverage as the original MESA, and 20% more coverage than the MESA V2. The load leg provides max stability and safety, and can be adjusted between four different positions. This infant car seat offers safety to the max, with two anti-rebound bars, a stabilizing load leg, and a bigger headrest than the one on the MESA for more protection. 


The PIPA urbn is different from all the other car seats in this comparison, because it comes with a stroller. There’s really no option to purchase the PIPA urbn on its own. What’s really cool about the PIPA urbn is that instead of the rigid latch being in the base, it's in the car seat itself. This car seat doesn’t come with a base, and is not designed to be used with a base. It’s made to be super safe, but without that extra weight of a base. This car seat is incredibly sleek, and so lightweight at just 7 pounds. The PIPA urbn is compatible with all Nuna strollers

If you’re looking for a car seat, these are some of our most recommended choices right now. And with our points system, you’ll get the most value for your money. 



PIPA Urbn*

Bugaboo Turtle Air




7 pounds

7.1 pounds

Weight capacity

4-32 lbs

4-32 lbs

4-32 lbs

4-32 lbs

Can be installed without base






23" H x 27.25" L x 17.5" W

23 x 27.25 x 17.5

L 25 W 17.5

  H 22 in

27.2" x 17.3" x 23.5"


Caviar, Granite, Timber

Caviar, Frost, Granite, Lagoon, Camel, Riveted, Hazelwood, Ocean

Caviar, Hazelwood, Lagoon, Ocean

Black, Grey Melange




Price depends on which stroller it comes with