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Best Modern High Chairs for 2023

Best Modern High Chairs for 2023

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When you have a beautiful contemporary kitchen, you want a modern high chair that will add to the aesthetic, and not ruin it even in the slightest. There are so many different high chairs to choose from, but if you want something sleek and classy, that’ll narrow it down a lot. Here’s a curated selection of our best modern high chairs for 2023. 

4Moms Connect High Chair

The 4Moms Connect High Chair is very popular because it’s so sleek, chic and simple. It can match to almost any modern kitchen, and it just has a clean and classy, no frills vibe that people love. And it’s so easy to clean, besides, with a removable foam seat insert that you just wipe down. The easy recline makes the high chair an option that can work for you from day one. The 4moms Connect checks all boxes: comfort, quality, and practicality on this high chair are all top notch. Shop now! 

Children of Design High Chair

The Children of Design high chairs are our most popular acrylic high chairs right now. We have two different high chairs from Children of Design, both very similar. There are literally two differences between these two high chairs: the recline, and the price. One of these high chairs has a recline, so it can be used beginning day one, and the other, there’s no recline, but the price is nearly $100 less. The cushion insert comes off easily, and it’s easy to clean too. 

Melo Revel High Chair

The Melo Revel High Chair is such a fabulous option, because it’s a stylish high chair with wheels! We get so many requests for high chairs with wheels, but there really aren’t that many out there. And to find a high chair with wheels that would actually look good in an up-to-date, sleek kitchen was almost a miracle until now, but with Melo Revel on the market, everything just changed. Now, you can have your stylish high chair, and not worry about scraping your dining room floor or dragging the high chair in your kitchen from one spot at the table to another. 

Munchkin 360 Cloud High Chair

The Munchkin 360 Cloud high chair is our other acrylic high chair option that will fit seamlessly in most modern kitchens. What’s really cool about this high chair is that it rotates. It can turn 360 degrees, to face in any direction you please. The Munchkin 360 is simple and modern, so easy to set up, and a cinch to clean, from the dishwasher safe tray and tray insert, and the seat insert that wipes down so smoothly. The high chair itself weighs 16 pounds, so the rotating feature is great because you can just turn the high chair to whichever direction you want it to be facing. This way you won’t need to move the whole high chair over as often. 

Oribel Cocoon Z High Chair

The Oribel Cocoon Z high chair is another one of our favorite modern high chairs. It is a little bigger than some of the others on this list, so it might not be a top option for families who are short on space, but the big benefit of this high chair is that it has this gliding feature that makes it simpler to move around. It may not be as simple to move as the Melo, which has 4 wheels, but it looks really nice, is quite comfortable for baby, and it has a sleek, classy look. It also has a nice recline, and a huge tray and tray insert. 

Stokke Clikk High Chair

Stokke Clikk is a basic, classic high chair from one of the best brands. This high chair is simple and modern, and will last for years. This high chair is very lightweight at less than 10 pounds, and can be adjusted. It’s so, so easy to clean. 

Bugaboo Giraffe High Chair

Bugaboo just came out with a beautiful high chair, the Bugaboo Giraffe, a sleek, innovative high chair that's similar to the Stokke Tripp Trapp, but more Bugaboo's style. Aside from the high chair itself, you can also order a Bugaboo Giraffe newborn set and rocker

A high chair can blend in - even to a modern kitchen with quartz countertops and sleek stainless steel appliances. If you want your high chair to fit in seamlessly with your kitchen, these are likely your best options. Shop now!   

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