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Blooming Bath: Make Bath-time Safe

Blooming Bath: Make Bath-time Safe

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So what is the Blooming Bath and why am I so excited about it? Well, I love innovation, creativity and perseverance all together in one. You know how slippery it gets when you are bathing your baby... The slip and slide from the water and soap suds, the wiggling and wriggling, the acrobatic attempt to hold Baby steady while trying to clean and play at the same time... Yeah, I can multitask, but why not make it a bit easier and a lot more fun in a pretty way? These were precisely the thoughts of the founding fathers of the Blooming Bath. Brian Pond, David Morelock, Eric Devericks, and Tom Morris are all into their own things, but they share the common bond of fatherhood. For them, it was all about making bath-time more enjoyable and worry free. Through a lot of brainstorming and hard work they have put together a product that can help all dads and moms around the world. The Blooming Bath. The Blooming Bath is a mat, of sorts. Crafted from high quality polyurethane, the flower-shaped pad is also covered with a super plush polyester material which allows for comfort and easy cleaning (the back is made from polyester mesh). The materials create just enough friction to avoid your baby slipping and sliding, yet is smooth enough to be comfortable for parents and baby alike. To use the Blooming Bath simply set the proper temperature, plug the sink, and put the flower in. It's as simple as that. The flower will conform the the shape and size of the sink. The flower is 32" from tip to tip, and the center (where the baby's bottom goes) is 10" in diameter. It comes in a choice of 4 colors, ivory, pink, turquoise, and yellow. This product is intended for use from newborn through about 1 year of age. Since every baby is different they don't put an age or size bracket on the product. I guess it's back to good old common sense! And when Baby is too big for the sink or baby bath, you can use this as a no-slip mat in the big bathtub too. And then, there are those that use it as a changing pad or play mat. Do any of you moms have the Blooming Bath yet? What do you think of it? Sarah

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