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Bob Revolution Flex - A Stroller for Everyone!

Bob Revolution Flex - A Stroller for Everyone!

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The Bob Revolution Flex is coming this July to PishPoshBaby! bob-revolution-flex-single-and-duallie-doubleIt feels like forever since Bob has introduced a new stroller, but we have some super news for all Bob fans - and soon-to-be Bob fans! Bob is upgrading their popular Bob Revolution SE to the Bob Revolution Flex! This great new stroller will have even more great features, such as an adjustable handlebar (a feature so desperately missing from the SE)! The Bob Revolution Flex is for parents who want an everyday stroller that can handle rougher terrain as well. The Bob Flex will be coming out in Orange, Black, Wilderness (green), & Lagoon. Did we mention that the Black will have an all-black frame? And did we mention that the Bob Revolution Flex Duallie will come out as well? How do we compare the Bob Revolution SE vs Bob Revolution Flex? The main difference is the adjustable handlebar on the new Flex. The Flex will weigh around 1 lb more at 26.2 lbs, which is nothing to sneeze at. The Flex will be a bit more expensive as well. The Flex carries over the same great features we've come to love on the SE such as the lockable swivel front wheel, great suspension on the 12.5"/16" pneumatic tires, huge canopy and storage basket, and easy 2 step fold. The Bob Revolution Flex Single will retail for $479.99 and the Flex Duallie/Double for $689.99. They will be shipping July - just in time to catch the last few weeks of great weather.

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