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Bob Revolution Stroller 2011

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boball2011 Click On Photos for More Details! Heres the Full Rundown of everything you need to know Bob! BOB recently got a makeover for 2011. The bob stroller now has a new high tech fabric with more support inthe seat, a new way to recline the seat, a new accessory bar that will accommodate the car seat adapter or snack tray accessories, a new way to adjust his canopy smaller, a different wrist strap, a new strap lock and the suspension system is a bit different. The BOB stroller Company originated in 1991 out of San Luis Obispo California and was started by two men, one was an airline mechanic and the other worked in the bicycle industry. They started as a company which made a bicycle trailer called the “YAK.” After the success of this the company focused on developing a sport utility stroller and from there developed several other types of strollers. BOB is actually an acronym for “Beast of Burden.” The seat is wide (which is a good thing!) and accommodates up to 70 lbs. Like with any good model boy-toy we want measurements! The seat measures 14” across with a 21” seatback and a seatback to canopy measurement of 23”. The seat is now covered with a high tech fabric that has a water repellent coating and open cell foam padding. We definitely notice the additional support in the seat. BOB sports an adjustable, padded 5-point harness with a one-touch buckle. We were surprised that the buckle was so easy to do because we expected BOB to want to keep his little rider close and not let him escape with the touch of a button. Needless to say we’d like to see a more difficult harness buckle to keep our naughty toddlers from trying to escape mid-ride. The seat recline is different for 2011. The old buckle recline with only two positions is out and a new two-handed infinite strap recline is in. Not the easiest recline to do but we are happy to have the additional positions. You can put the seat from upright to about half-way back (125 degrees) and anywhere in between. Since the seat doesn’t recline flat, we would recommend waiting to use the seat until baby is 6+ months unless you are using the car seat adapter. There is also a new accessory adapter built into the seat. This is for a snack tray or infant car seat adapter- which are sold separately. Knowing BOB, he’ll probably come out with additional accessories for the adapter later! The handlebar isn’t adjustable but it is higher at 40” from ground to handle. The handlebar is definitely far enough from the frame that it accommodates even a taller parent well. The handlebar also features a wrist strap. The long wrist strap of previous models that connected to the bottom rear wheels is out and a new shorter strap on the handlebar is in. Not quite sure why they did this. It was always our understanding that it is safer to attach the wrist strap to the bottom of a stroller. That way if we were running and tripped and fell, the wrist strap would jerk the stroller to a halt but since it was connected to the bottom, it wouldn’t flip backwards. Now with the new strap, if we get clumsy and trip and fall, the stroller will fall backwards with us if it’s connected to our wrist. Not liking this change, BOB. When it comes to a canopy, BOB has you covered. Well, he has your child covered but we are talking full-coverage! The canopy is huge! No need for canopy extensions with this baby! The canopy sports a very large peek-a-boo window with a cover to keep an eye on your little one. There is even a new pocket on the top of the canopy to tuck the cover into if you’d like to keep the peeking window open. Like a good man, BOB can hold all your stuff. (And he’s not embarrassed to hold it either!) Two mesh pockets in the seat will hold your rider’s snacks, toys or sippy cups. A large mesh pocket on the back of the seat will hold tons of parent or baby essentials that you need to access quickly. And his basket underneath will hold your purse and/or diaper bag with ease! The tires on BOB are all man! They are rugged, rubber, air-filled that will charge through whatever life may throw at it. Trails, rocks, playground mulch, grass has nothing on BOB! The stroller sports 16” rear tires and a 12” front wheel. The front wheel swivels for maximum maneuverability as well as has the ability to lock straight for jogging or when the going gets rough! The front wheel also features a tracking system to keep you rolling straight ahead! There is a one step brake bar in the rear to lock the stroller in place. Maneuverability is amazing! BOB moves as if he is super lightweight and turns easily with just one hand. When running with BOB, I barely need to push him. He’s so motivated that he basically pushes himself. Plus, the ride with BOB is so smooth! With the “state-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system”, the stroller is smooth like butter! There are two positions for the suspension. Position #1 is for children up to 40 lbs. It’s as easy as flipping the lever to the second position to accommodate a larger rider from 41-70 lbs. It’s important to note that each time the stroller is folded it will default back to position #1. The fold is two-handed but quick and easy to do. Lift the two levers on the handlebar and push the handle forward. Then grab and pull up on the red handle under the seat and down he goes. He does make me put in a little effort by locking his new manual lock – I’d prefer if it was automatic – but not a big deal. Plus, he’s so compact when folded especially when his rear wheels are removed (which is easy!) that he easily fits in my trunk. Yep, BOB rides in the trunk!! Overall, we love BOB’s new makeover! Lots of changes for the ladies (and gentlemen) to ohh and aah over! Of course, with a makeover comes a price increase! He’s hotter so I guess he’s worth more? BOB (Revolution SE 2011) retails for $429. If you are looking for a sturdy, well-built BOB with a fabulous canopy, smooth ride and one who won’t complain when you ask him to hold the kid and your purse, look no further than BOB 2011! boball2011
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