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Bombol Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer : In-Depth Review

Bombol Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer : In-Depth Review

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 Bombol Bamboo 3Dknit Baby Bouncer Newborn Baby Toddler

The Bombol Bamboo 3D Bouncer is perfect for any parent looking for a quality bouncer (ranked among our top bouncers here at Pish Posh) that is breathable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing! Bouncers don't have to be an eyesore with the Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer!


At 15lbs the Bombo Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer is lightweight enough to easily travel from Grandma's house to a playmate's house and beyond! When open it has dimensions of 28.5L x 16.5W x 16.5H and when it is time to put it away or take it on the go it fully collapses to 28.5L x 16.5W x 6.7H. It can be used from newborn up to 5 years so babies get years of use!


We know when it comes to bouncers, comfort is one of the top features parents are looking for and the Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer does not disappoint! The engineered 3D knitted backrest is fully breathable si parents don't have to worry about their little one overheating. The dynamic Backrest lets your child choose a perfect position for them and there is hammock-like support for newborns! It bounces softly to your child's movements so your child can be entertained and soothed by peaceful movements.

 Bombol Bamboo 3Dknit Baby Bouncer dynamic backrest rest relax sit


The Aerospace-grade aluminum frame is strong but lightweight! It actually has double certification as a baby bouncer and as furniture and has a design that can fit any aesthetic. As mentioned above it is fully collapsible and also has no delicate regulating mechanism as well as fewer seams for more strength! To top it all off it has fully adjustable resting angles so parents don't have to worry about waking their little one!

 Bombol Bamboo 3Dknit Baby Bouncer 3D Curve fold flat


Parents will be happy to note that the Bombol Bamboo 3D Knit bouncer has machine-wash fabrics and hang dry. For the knitting, Bombol uses state-of-the-art ALTOR yarns which are infused with copper particles. Copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and fabrics made with ALTOR® yarns can reduce a broad spectrum of bacterial colonies by over 99.9% and inhibit the growth of mildew, also preventing the bad smells they can cause making it one of the easiest to maintain bouncers in the market!

 Bombol Bamboo 3Dknit Baby Bouncer Anti-bacterial


The Bombol Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer retails for $299 and is available in the colors Pebble Grey and Denim Blue.

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