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Bloom Fresco vs Boon Flair

Boon Flair vs Bloom Fresco High Chairs

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Two exceptionally designed high chairs, Boon Flair vs Bloom Fresco - how do they compare? The Boon Flair and Bloom Fresco are two very unique, revolutionary high chairs, and so often we're asked to compare the Bloom Fresco vs Boon Flair. The basic difference between the Fresco and Flair is the $200+ price difference. The Fresco does carry a heavier price tag, but that's because it boasts of so many more features. The Bloom Fresco reclines, which is an unbelievable feature and can be used for a newborn. The Fresco has an adjustable footrest as well, and moves around quite easily with the hidden wheels. The Boon Flair is just as sleek as the Bloom, and perhaps even easier to clean, however it does not recline or have an adjustable footrest. The Bloom Fresco weighs in at 31.5 lbs, just 3.5 more than the Boon. The Boon can hold a child up to 50 lbs, while the Bloom has a maximum capacity of 79 lbs! Check out the chart below to see the differences between these two fabulous, hydraulic high chairs.
Boon Flair Bloom Fresco
Adjustable Footrest
Weight Limit 50 lbs 79 lbs
Chair Weight 28 lbs 31.5 lbs
Price $229.99 $450.00
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