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Bugaboo 2012 Limited Edition Fabrics ~ Coolest Colors EVER!

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new collectionsJust released from Bugaboo's press room comes real exciting news! Bugaboo has designed three new color fabrics in honor of the 2012 new year! Known to have top quality and variety, Bugaboo's team of designers have come up with three awesome new colors for the Bugaboo. And not only that - each Bugaboo stroller's hood will be available in all three colors! The first color is a Jade Green color. It comes in a sun canopy for the Bee and a sun canopy for the new Donkey. It's also made in a full tailored fabric set (which includes the sun canopy and bassinet apron) for the Cameleon. This Jade Green is a soft emerald color which works great with both the black and sand base colors. The second color is named Electric Blue (how cool?!) and it sure looks hot! Comparable to the color of lightning, this color will look sharp no matter what color base you have for it. I'm even considering this one for my little girl (a little cruel, I know, but I like it too much!). It comes for the Bee Sun Canopy, Donkey Sun Canopy and Cameleon Tailored Fabric Set. And the last color is Coral Red (which is Jade Green's complement, for all those of you who are artists:) This color is a soft red which leans towards pink just a bit. Buy your little girl a new Bee Canopy, Donkey Canopy, or Cameleon Tailored Fabric Set this year. Leave it up to Bugaboo to keep the same great style and simplicity, yet keep adding funkiness and excitement into a Bugaboo Mom's life. Click here to view the entire Bugaboo 2012 Limited Edition Fabric Collection!
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