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Bugaboo Bee+ vs Bugaboo Bee3

Bugaboo Bee+ vs Bugaboo Bee3

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With the new Bugaboo Bee3 available to order, so many are asking what are the differences between the current Bugaboo Bee+ vs Bugaboo Bee3?
Bugaboo Bee+ Bugaboo Bee3
Weight 18.5 lbs 19.18 lbs
Frame Colors Aluminum Aluminum & All Black
Bassinet Option No* Yes
Canopy Regular** Extendable
Color Combinations 7 64
Underseat Basket Capacity 16 liters 22 liters
Raincover & Harness OK Improved
Maneuverability OK Improved
Price for Stroller+Seat $649 $719/$769
The new Bee3 stroller is available now and ready to ship. Get your Bee3 stroller today! *The new Bassinet designed for the Bugaboo Bee3 will be compatible with the Bee+ as well **The new Bee3 Extendable Canopies will be compatible with the Bee+ as well Read the full review on the new Bugaboo Bee3 on our blog!

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