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Bugaboo Butterfly Vs Nuna TRVL: Full Comparison!

Bugaboo Butterfly Vs Nuna TRVL: Full Comparison!

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Bugaboo Butterfly’s been one of our biggest sellers recently! Let’s compare Bugaboo’s new lightweight stroller with Nuna’s latest lightweight stroller, the Nuna TRVL, and see what each of these have to offer! 


The Bugaboo Butterfly impresses with a contoured, plush seat that offers a level of comfort you’ve never even dreamed possible. The Nuna TRVL (pronounced travel) also has a comfortable seat but it’s not contoured and not nearly as plush like the Butterfly. However the seat on the Bugaboo Butterfly is not as wide and spacious as the one on the Nuna TRVL, so keep that in mind. Something we love about the Butterfly is that it has a seat height of 22 inches, five inches more than the seat height on the Nuna TRVL, which has a seat height of 17 inches (which isn’t short - it’s pretty standard!). 


The underseat basket on the Bugaboo Butterfly can hold up to 18 pounds! Both of these strollers are really convenient, with loads of practical features! Another thing we noticed is that the hood on the Bugaboo Butterfly is really big - it extends much further than the one on the Nuna TRVL, making it simpler than ever to get baby to sleep. The Bugaboo Butterfly rear-wheels are just 6 inches, while the Nuna TRVL has 7 inch rear wheels. 

Car-seat ready

Both strollers can be used together with a car seat! The Bugaboo Butterfly needs adapters to make it work, while the Nuna TRVL comes with a belly bar that doubles as a car seat adapter. 


The Bugaboo Butterfly is narrow and sleek at just 36.42 x 17.72 x 40.31, made to fit easily through tight doorways and store aisles. It’s significantly narrower than the Nuna TRVL at 44" x 32.5" x 20.25". It also has a smaller fold, so that it’ll take up less space in your car or home! 

Now that we’ve gone through the distinction between the Bugaboo Butterfly and the Nuna TRVL, we hope that you’ve got the differences down pat so you can make an educated decision!

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